Did Hamas Fighters Decapitate Israeli Babies? – Israeli Newspaper Answers

A new Haaretz investigation debunks lies about Hamas' actions. (Image: Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Hamas fighters did not behead Israeli babies, was the conclusion of an investigation conducted by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. 

The allegations that fighters with Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas, had beheaded Israeli babies during their attack on Israeli positions on October 7, have occupied a large part of the pro-Israel narrative in world media, especially in the West. 

Without providing any evidence to the horrific claims, the line about the beheaded babies was repeated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Joe Biden, and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, among other top officials.

Palestinians quickly challenged the allegations, though their voices were drowned by the cries of horror and condemnation emanating from all over the world. 

The same way it proved that it was, in fact, an Israeli military helicopter that killed many participants in the Nova Music Festival near Re’im on October 7, Haaretz now is proving that the beheaded babies’ narrative is untrue, baseless, and falsified. 

Not Hamas, but Israeli Military Killed Civilians at Nova Music Festival – Media Reports

“The terrorists who infiltrated Israel committed crimes against humanity and brutally murdered masses. Along with the harsh descriptions, false testimonies were also heard, in the dissemination of which a Zaka volunteer, IDF officers, the president of the Salvation Union and Sara Netanyahu participated, among others,” Haaretz wrote.

The newspaper said that its investigation is based on accounts propagated by Israeli government institutions and senior officials. 

These accounts, along with others, about mass rape, spread quickly throughout Israeli and Western media.

None of it had taken place in reality, as new investigations have shown.  

“As we had said from the very start, and repeatedly since then, outrageous official Israeli lies serve a function, and cannot be dismissed as typical Israeli propaganda,” Palestinian journalist and editor of the Palestine Chronicle Ramzy Baroud said.

“Considering the horrid nature of these lies, we predicted that the subsequent Israeli war on Gaza would be more devastating than ever. Netanyahu’s lies were intended to create a moral cover for the massacres that were yet to be perpetrated against innocent Palestinian civilians,” he added. 

“In fact, this turned out to be the case. Even when these lies have proven to be false, many are still using them as fodder for the genocide in Gaza while others are still debating their ‘authenticity’. All of this is occupying time and space within a discourse that should have been focused completely on the atrocious Israeli holocaust in Gaza.”

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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