Drawing the Historical Jesus with Zionist Crayons

Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon. (Photo: File)

Long before Messianic Sectarian Zionists took control of the Israeli government, I always believed that Zionism was a mental disorder.

Seventy years after the creation of Israel, Aba Eban’s seat at the United Nations is now occupied by Danny Danon, a delusional Israeli diplomat who recently chided the UN for not recognizing the Torah as a land deed to Palestine. Not that I had any affection for Aba Eban – but at least he was borderline rational.

That said, I would like to thank Danon for his history lesson. It should disabuse the Palestinians of the notion that Israel is a racist state. It’s not. It is and always has been a sectarian state with a creation mythology that has been debunked by historians and archeologists.

Danon’s confession that Israel’s only claim to the land is based on his reading of the scriptures went unnoticed. But it came the same week that the New York Times issued an apology for an article that asserted a historical fact – that Jesus was a Palestinian from the Galilee.  After the Zionist media police pulled out its nuclear- powered megaphones, the Grey Lady gave us more proof that she’s a Zionist tramp.

So where should a historian start when determining the ‘ethnicity’ of Jesus of Nazareth.  The obvious place to start is his hometown which was and remains the major city in the Galilee.

Nonbelievers can choose to accept or deny the miracle of the immaculate conception but there is no legitimate reason to doubt that Jesus was born in Bethlehem – a town where his parents were strangers in need of temporary lodgings. Believers know the difference between ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ and Danon’s ‘Jesus of Bethlehem.’  Someone should send Danon a copy of the Gospels before he further embarrasses himself.

I suspect that he knows about as much about Jesus as the average Israeli.   

There seems to be some confusion among Zionists as to whether Jesus was a Palestinian which raises a question about why they would even care about his ethnicity. Jews consider Jesus a historical figure and they don’t recognize him as the Messiah and they don’t follow his teachings.

Christian Palestinians believe in the divinity of Jesus and Muslim Palestinians believe that Jesus could walk on water and had the power to heal lepers and the blind and that he was incapable of committing a sin. In Islam, Mary is revered above all other women and both Christians and Muslims believe that there will be a second coming of the prince of peace.

Jesus spent his entire ministry in the Galilee. The Israelis have spent millions of dollars trying to dig up archeological shreds of evidence to prove that their imaginary ancestors ever had a presence in the region. They didn’t. It was populated by pagan descendants of the Phoenician Semites, who also inhabited the coastal areas of northern Palestine. And if there is any doubt that in Danon’s infantile brain, Herodotus can clear up his mind. Herodotus didn’t notice any coastal Jewish communities during his travels. In fact, Herodotus had next to nothing to say about Jews because ancient Israelites never had settlements on the Mediterranean.

The Zionist obsession with Jesus is baffling. As a sectarian movement, they should stick to their own mythologies and their own canon history which makes no mention of Jesus.

What’s all the fuss with calling Jesus a Palestinian? That’s how the descendants of the ancient Galileans identify themselves to this day. One thing for certain – Jesus was not an Israeli. And correct me if I am wrong – but it seems to me that Jesus would identify with the people that accepted him not with the people who considered his teachings a deviation from their creed.

The real issue here is not whether Jesus was a Jew or a Galilean or a Palestinian. It’s all about the legitimacy of Zionist cannon history as opposed to the legitimacy of the documented and verifiable history of the indigenous Palestinians. On the one hand, Jesus is absent from Zionist mythologies and on the other hand the Zionists don’t want Jesus to be claimed by the descendants of the Galileans who were the first to open their hearts to Christ.   That wouldn’t go over well with the Armageddon worshiping Dispensationalists who support Israel because they believe their support will hasten the end of times.

Zionism is a very unique political ideology. The Zionists are not just another bunch of Europeans who raped and pillaged their way to create a state for Jews and only for Jews. They did not only come to claim the land – they came to claim the bones of the ancient people of Palestine. It’s sort of ghoulish when you think about it. Imagine some Palestinian digging up the bones of Netanyahu’s Lithuanian ancestor or Ben Gurion’s Polish ancestors and claiming them as his own.

The Zionists should put their Crayons away and let those who believe in Jesus paint the canvas. Jesus will always live in Palestinian hearts – regardless of whether they are Muslims or Christians and regardless of whether he was Palestinian or Japanese. He belongs to everybody but only the Galilean Palestinians can claim to be the descendants of his first flock.       

– Ahmed Amr is an economist and the author of “How to Steal A Billion Dollars.” He is the former editor of NileMedia.com and founder of the Royal Mint of Palestine – a pilot project to launch a sovereign Palestinian cyber currency. He contributed this article to PalestineChronicle.com.

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