‘Enlightened World under Attack’: Zelensky to Visit Israel

A file photo of Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky addressing the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset (Photo: Video Grab)

According to the Israeli website, Ynet news, Zelensky hoped to use the visit to tie his country’s cause to that of Israel.

Preparations for Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to visit Israel next week are at an “advanced stage,” Tel Aviv’s Channel 12 reported on Friday.

Kiev has struggled for media attention in the West since the Israeli war on Gaza broke out.

The Hebrew-language news network stated that a visit by Zelensky “would indicate something of a unified front of Israel, Ukraine, Europe and the US against the Russia-Iran axis,” according to a report in English by the Times of Israel.

The Israeli network claimed that Zelensky’s photograph with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog would “send a message of the enlightened world under attack, standing against the less-enlightened world, attacking.”

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Kiev officials have used similar language to describe the majority of the world that does not align with the US and NATO’s position on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Most recently, Zelensky’s top adviser, Mikhail Podoliak, angered Beijing by declaring that India and China – both of which have remained neutral in the conflict – have “low intellectual potential.”

Previously, Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council chief Aleksey Danilov stated that Russians are “Asians,” and therefore lack “humanity.”

Zelensky may visit Israel as soon as Monday or Tuesday, Channel 12 reported.

Such a trip would come three weeks after Tel Aviv rejected an offer by the Ukrainian president to visit, with officials reportedly telling him that “the time is not right.”

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According to the Israeli digital newspaper, Ynet news, Zelensky hoped to use the visit to tie his country’s cause to that of Israel.

With the Israeli war on Gaza dominating international headlines, Ukraine has found itself competing with Israel for American ammunition and funding.

Despite US President Joe Biden’s promise to keep weapons flowing to both foreign conflicts, the Republican Party – which controls the House of Representatives – has said that it will prioritize Israel, leaving Biden’s planned $61 billion cash infusion for Kiev in limbo.

“If international attention shifts away from Ukraine, one way or another, it will have consequences. The fate of Ukraine depends on the unity of the rest of the world,” Zelensky stated in an interview with France 2 last month.

Israel has, thus far, killed over 9,227 Palestinians in Gaza, including nearly 3,826 children and 2,045 women, and wounded more than 23,516. Palestinian Ministry of Health reports and international organizations say that the majority of those killed and wounded are women and children.

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Despite a massive Israeli military buildup around the Gaza borders and sporadic infiltrations on the outskirts of the besieged Strip, Palestinian Resistance continues to repel Israeli attacks.

To justify its military failure, the Israeli army continues to pound civilian homes throughout the Gaza Strip with new massacres reported everywhere in the besieged enclave.

Gaza has been under a tight Israeli military siege since 2007, following a democratic election in occupied Palestine, the results of which were rejected by Tel Aviv and Washington.

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