Four Killed and More Wounded: ‘Suspicious Device’ Detonates during Protest at Gaza-Israel Fence – DEVELOPING STORY

Baraa al-Zurd was killed by an explosion at the fence separating besieged Gaza from Israel. (Photo: via Social Media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

UPDATE: The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has updated the number of those killed as a result of an explosion at the fence separating besieged Gaza from Israel to five.

Four Palestinians were killed and at least 19 others were wounded when an explosive device blew up among protestors at the fence separating besieged Gaza from Israel.

The origin of the device and the reason for the explosion remain unknown, but earlier in the day, several Palestinians were wounded by Israeli military gunfire near Al-Malaka area, east of Gaza City.

The explosion also took place in Al-Malaka, the Palestinian name of an Israeli military base near the Gaza fence. 

One of those killed is Baraa Wael al-Zurd. 

Al-Zurd was the first name of those killed to be announced by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, before the number of casualties was updated to four. 

‘This is Life’ 

Just ten hours before the tragic death of his son, Wael al-Zurd, a well-known Gaza preacher, was celebrating his son’s academic achievements in a social media post.  

“All glory to God, my son is growing up (so fast); he has finished high school, entered university, and is about to graduate. (Soon), he will be ready to get married and have boys and girls of his own. This is life …”

Hours later, Wael stood in front of his Baraa’s grave weeping, as many people tried to comfort him. 

Palestine Chronicle Correspondent 

Palestine Chronicle correspondent in Gaza was close to the scene of the explosion.

“I had just finished my work and I was about to go home and prepare a photo gallery for The Palestine Chronicle when an explosion happened,” he said.

“We are unclear about the source of the suspicious device,” he added. 

“The protest began peacefully but the Israeli army reaction was particularly disproportionate, to the point that many of the journalists and the medics began running away, since the Israeli military was firing live bullets.”

The Palestine Chronicle correspondent also said that the Israeli army had opened fire on the Palestinian medics that tried to clear the wounded following the explosion, injuring a Palestinian medic.

The Palestine Chronicle will keep you updated as the story develops.

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