‘From All Directions’ – Iraqi Resistance Targets US Military Base in Iraq

Satellite photo of the Ain al-Assad air base in Iraq. (Photo: Planet Labs Inc., via Wikimedia Commons)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq declared responsibility for targeting the Ain Al-Assad US military base in the Anbar region west of the country. 

The attack on the American military base is described as the strongest since the escalation of violence, resulting from Washington’s unconditional support of Israel in its ongoing genocidal war in Gaza. 

The Islamic Resistance said that the attack, which involved large missiles, is a direct response to “Zionist regime massacres against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip,” Al-Mayadeen reported on Saturday. 

The Lebanon-based news network said that the attack on Ain Al-Assad took place from several directions and involved at least ten heavy missiles, based on early estimations, and that all the missiles struck direct hits against the military base. 

Other estimates have ranged from 17 to 40 missiles and shells fired at the US military encampment. 

US military sources said that several US soldiers were wounded in the attack. 

Earlier, the Iraqi Resistance announced that they had targeted and downed, on Thursday, an American ‘MQ9’ drone in the Diyala province.

In a statement, cited by Al-Mayadeen, the Iraqi Resistance said that the drone was launched from an American military base in Kuwait. 

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“Our operations will continue to confront and shell enemy bases,” the Iraqi Resistance said.

A few days earlier, Al-Mayadeen correspondent in Syria reported that the US has ordered the evacuation of a military base in the northern Hasakah region in Syria as a result of repeated attacks by the Iraqi Resistance. 

The targets of the Iraqi Resistance, however, were not confined to American targets but to Israeli targets as well, including a recent strike at a ‘vital target’ in the city of Haifa, using an advanced long-range cruise missile, Al-Mayadeen reported.

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  1. As an American, i fully understand that my government has no business being in that region. that is the only reason my fellow Americans are being repelled. We are the problem there, i know. Not every US citizen stands behind our government on this one. We should leave the Red Sea: not pretend to protect it, while purposefully engaging Yemen as they protect Palestine. In fact, we are the threat; with Britain, et al… this is our out-of-control government.
    the West, as usual. Most of us stand with Palestine. We see Yemen, Lebanon, Iran, trying to keep the peace. And sadly, we will be prosecuted for writing that. going against the narrative. Fascism 101.

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