Gaza-based Band Maimas Launches Its First Video-Clip Titled ‘Oh Jerusalem!’ (VIDEO)

Gaza-based Palestinian band, Maimas and Haidar Eid.

In its first ever song, Gaza-based Palestinian band, Maimas, has released a music video called “Oh Jerusalem!”. The song is taken from Maims’ upcoming album, “Tyrant’s Fear of Songs”, due for release in 2018-2019.

Written and composed by the Palestinian singer and composer George Qurmuz, the song is a musical reaction to Israel’s atrocities in Jerusalem and inspired by Donlad Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The song is an amalgamation of two poems, “Our Beautiful Homeland” and “Patience.” The lyrics of the latter were written by the late Palestinian poet Toufic Zayyad, whereas the lyrics of first one were written by Qurmuz himself who composed both in the late 1980’s.

Having lived the first Intifada and grown up listening to Qurmuz’s songs of resistance, Haidar Eid, a Gaza-based activist and singer, collaborated with the band and urged it to rework on both songs-poems and the song evolved into its current version.

He also suggested that the band do a video highlighting the struggle of the Palestinian people against apartheid and settler-colonialism.

The song was recorded by Maimas and Haidar Eid in the refugee camp of Khan Younus against all odds using a generator. The song represents a message of steadfastness and resistance against occupation, colonization and apartheid.

(Palestine Chronicle)

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