Gaza, One Football, One Leg: French Film Documents Courage of Palestinian Athletes, Brutality of Occupation

Gaza One Football, One Leg is an original documentary by French filmmaker Patrice Forget. (Photo: Movie Poster)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Filmmaker Patrice Forget shot an original documentary that is based on a soccer match organized in the French town of Martigues, in July 2019, between a Palestinian team from Gaza and a French counterpart. 

All athletes on both teams were amputees. 

The film documents the lives of the young Gazans over the course of several days – of training, rest and leisure time with friends.

The Palestinian amputees lost their legs mostly as a result of wounds sustained during their non-violent protests, dubbed the “Great March of Return”, held every Friday at the fence separating besieged Gaza Strip from Israel, starting in March 2018.

Tens of thousands of protesters demanded the Right of Return for Palestinian refugees and an end to the Israeli hermetic siege on the impoverished Strip.

Most of these injuries were caused by explosive bullets fired by Israeli snipers which made it impossible to save the limbs of protesters.

Using the eyewitness testimonies and personal reflections of the Gaza athletes, Forget was able to convey in detail the brutal nature of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and the hardship of life in Gaza under the protracted Israeli blockade.

Forget’s film was not a celebration of victimhood, but a deserved acknowledgment of the courage and strong will of these young Palestinians, who insist on embracing life despite their seeming physical handicap.

The music for the film is Beethoven’s third piano trio, interpreted by the Palestinian Joubran Trio.

To watch the film’s trailer, please click here.

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