Gaza Resistance Declares ‘State of Alert’ after Two Explosions in Jerusalem (VIDEO)

The Joint Operation Room in Gaza. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, The Palestine Chronicle)

Palestinian Resistance groups in the Gaza Strip declared a “state of alert” on Wednesday in anticipation of a possible Israeli military attack on the besieged territory, according to security sources.

Speaking to The New Arab, under the condition of anonymity, a fighter within Hamas said that “the joint room of the Palestinian resistance adopted unprecedented security measures” and that it “summoned all the fighters to be ready for any emergency.”

“The resistance is ready to involve in a new large-scale war with Israel,” he added, pointing out that the groups have placed their personnel on alert to respond to any Israeli bombardment.

The state of alert was announced following two separate explosions that occurred earlier in the day at a bus station in west Jerusalem, killing an Israeli and wounding at least 22 others, according to Israeli police.

At 7:05 am local time, a detonation device was set off near a bus in the Givat Sha’ul area, leaving several injured, some in critical condition.

Around 7:35 am, another blast occurred next to a bus stop at the Ramot intersection in Jerusalem. Three minor injuries were evacuated from the scene for medical treatment.

Israeli media reported that Israeli security officials accused Hamas of funding and implementing the unprecedented explosions.

Despite the fact that Hamas has not claimed responsibility for the explosions, the movement’s spokesperson praised the “heroic operations” and stressed that “they came as a natural response to the endless Israeli crimes and violations in Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound, and the occupied West Bank.”

Since March, Palestinian attacks have escalated, killing at least 21 Israelis. On the other hand, Israel has killed at least 200 Palestinians, including women and children.

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