Growing Stronger – Fourteen Israeli Soldiers Killed, Others Wounded

Al-Qassam Brigades fighters in Gaza. (Photo: Al-Qassam military media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

According to Al-Qassam, nine Israeli soldiers were killed in the Zanna area and five in the Al-Amal area, in southern Gaza.

Fourteen Israeli soldiers were killed and others wounded in the Khan Yunis area in southern Gaza on Saturday, according to statements by Al-Qassam Brigades. 

What is being referred to as the Zanna operation was carried out by the military arm of the Hamas movement. The complex operation demonstrated the Resistance’s growing strength in southern Gaza.

Al-Zanna Operation

According to Al-Qassam, nine Israeli soldiers were killed and others were wounded in the Zanna area, east of Khan Yunis. 

This was a direct result of the targeting of four Israeli Merkava tanks using Yassin 105 anti-armor shells.

It seems that the fighters remained in the area until another Israeli force came to the rescue, where a minefield, prepared in advance, was waiting for them. 

Three large anti-personnel devices exploded among the soldiers in tandem, according to the statement.

Al-Qassam indicated that fierce clashes are continuing in the Zanna area.

Al-Amal Operation

Another complex operation has reportedly taken place in the Amal neighborhood, west of Khan Yunis. 

Five Israeli soldiers were killed from distance zero, according to Al-Qassam. A number of others were also wounded.

Al-Qassam also reported that it had hit an Israeli Merkava tank, using a Yassin 105. Additionally, Al-Qassam also reported that it had detonated an explosive device among Israeli soldiers, who fell between dead and wounded.

The Palestinian Resistance did not estimate the additional dead and wounded among Israeli troops as a result of the additional attacks. However, Al-Jazeera reported that three Israeli military helicopters were spotted in the area to transport the dead and wounded.


For its part, Al-Quds Brigades said that it had shelled with mortars an Israeli occupation gathering in the center of Khan Yunis. 

The group also indicated that its fighters were jointly involved in the fierce clashes, alongside Al-Qassam, in the area. 

All fighters managed to withdraw safely, after inflicting heavy damages on invading Israeli soldiers, according to a statement by the Brigades. 

Al-Quds Brigades also distributed a video showing its fighters engaging with Israeli soldiers in northern Gaza on the occasion of the international Quds Day, which was marked on April 5.

Socialist Fighters

Fighters belonging to the Palestinian socialist movement, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) have also reported direct engagement with the Israeli military east of Khan Yunis.

The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the military arm of the PFLP, said that it has shelled the Al-Matahan area east of Khan Yunis with mortars.

The Brigades also have reportedly struck the Israeli settlement of Kissufim with a rocket barrage. 

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