Hezbollah: United States ‘Full Partner’ of Zionist Aggression

Hezbollah has entered the fight against Israel in solidarity with Gaza. (Photo: Al Manar TV)

In its latest statement, a copy of which was sent to the Palestine Chronicle, the Lebanese Resistance group, Hezbollah, said the United States is a partner of the Zionist aggression and it is “fully responsible” for the crimes committed by Israel. 

This is the statement in full:

“We are not at all surprised by the political positions and field actions taken by the US administration, especially the recent statements by the American President openly endorsing and declaring explicit support for the Zionist aggression and aggression against the Palestinian people. 

“This is the true essence of the complete American policy in its continuous support for aggression and terrorism since the inception of this occupying and usurping entity.

“We consider the United States a full partner in the Zionist aggression and hold it fully responsible for the killings, crimes, siege, home demolitions, and horrific massacres against innocent civilians, including children, women, and the elderly.

“We call on the masses of our Arab and Islamic nation, who are well aware of the grim truth about America and its aggression against the peoples of our nation in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, to denounce American intervention and the involvement of its international and regional partners and expose this intervention on all political, popular, media, and legal levels and in various regional and international forums and gatherings.

“The deployment of aircraft carriers to the region with the aim of boosting the morale of the defeated enemy and its disillusioned soldiers reveals the weakness of the Zionist military machine despite the crimes and massacres it commits. Consequently, it requires continuous external support to sustain this temporary usurping entity.

“Therefore, we affirm that this step will not intimidate the peoples of our nation or the resistance factions that are prepared for the confrontation until final victory and complete liberation”.

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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