Hilary Clinton Poses Imminent Danger to Palestine

Hilary Clinton’s was in my book the most convincingly pro-Israel. (CSPAN)

By Asa Winstanley

Out of all this week’s speeches of presidential candidates to AIPAC, the powerful Israel lobby group, Hilary Clinton’s was in my book the most convincingly pro-Israel.

But she has had to work hard to achieve this status. The Israel lobby is becoming increasingly right wing. AIPAC is widely perceived to have now become the American wing of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party. More and more, it pushes even Israel down an ever-increasingly fanatical right-wing path.

So when Clinton makes the usual liberal platitudes about “two states for two peoples”, there is a perception by many in these circles that she may deviate from the path of Israel-right-or-wrong. Kahanist fanatics like the Jewish Defence League in particular hate Hilary Clinton (in this respect, sexism and anti-black racism play a part, since Clinton is perceived to be pro-black, and Kahanist activists like former Jewish Defence League bomber Victor Vancier are extremely racist against African-Americans).

Such perceptions are entirely misguided. But it only goes to show that pandering to Israeli whims will never placate Israel. It only demands more and more from the US government. Witness the hatred by many in the lobby of Barack Obama.

Despite some signs (long forgotten, before he was elected) that he may offer are more balanced position on Palestine, Obama has been one of the most pro-Israel presidents in history. Billions of dollars in military aid has not only continued, but been guaranteed many years into the future under Obama. And yet he is widely hated by many in the pro-Israel community. At AIPAC, Donald Trump celebrated the imminent departure of Obama from the Whitehouse and was loudly cheered from the conference floor.

Quite often, Democrats have to prove themselves more loyal to the demands of the Israel lobby than Republicans. Clinton is proving this once again. Her speech to AIPAC was fanatically pro-Israel. In it, she dedicated full loyalty to Israeli apartheid and war crimes, and implicitly criticized Trump for supposedly being “neutral” on Israel.

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  1. There is only one state – Israel. Maybe one day the Palestinians will achieve their own country, but given that society’s priorities, I don’t see it happening any time soon.

  2. Palestinians have their own country – Palestine.

    It will again become a peaceful country when its Zionist occupiers begin to respect the human rights of the Palestinians. However, knowing the mindset of the Zionists, I don’t see that day coming any time soon.

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