Horrific Massacre in Maghazi, Thousands Flee from Central Gaza Strip

Scores of Palestinian bodies of those killed in an Israeli massacre in Al-Maghazi refugee camp. (Photo: supplied)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Palestine Chronicle correspondent in Gaza said that over 70 Palestinians, mostly women and children, were killed in ongoing Israeli strikes at Al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza on Sunday night. 

The unprecedented Israeli strikes are currently targeting the central Gaza region including the refugee camps of Bureij and Nuseirat, along with the town and refugee camp of Deir Al-Balah.  

The massacre began with the targeting of four homes in the Al-Maghazi camp, followed by intense bombardment of the roads dividing the three areas. 

It was followed by a call made by the Israeli military to the people of Bureij to evacuate the camp, only to be targeted by Israeli bombs as they attempted to make their way to makeshift shelters, mostly UN-run schools.

“What is happening in Al-Maghazi camp is the genocide of a crowded residential block,” Ashraf al-Qidra, spokesman for the Gaza Ministry of Health, told Al-Jazeera.

Al-Qidra also said that the death toll is “likely to increase”, since many families are still trapped under the rubble. 

The intense Israeli attacks on central Gaza followed Israel’s failure to fully control the northern region or to significantly advance in its battles with the Resistance in Khan Yunis, in the south. 

Starting with the early days of war, the vast majority of those who have been displaced from their homes in the northern half of Gaza have mostly fled to the central Strip, overcrowding an already overpopulated and devastated region. 

The Palestine Chronicle correspondent said that Gaza authorities estimate that the population of the Nuseirat refugee camp alone has jumped from 100,000 to nearly 400,000 now.

Many of those who have been displaced have also escaped to Bureij and Al-Maghazi. With the latest massacres in these areas, thousands of people are now running away to Nuseirat, which is also under intense Israeli bombardment. 

This is a developing story. 

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