‘In the Name of Allah, This is the IDF’ – Israeli Soldiers Desecrate Jenin Mosque – VIDEO

Israeli soldiers violated the sanctity of a mosque in Jenin. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Footage emerged on Thursday showing Israeli soldiers singing religious Jewish hymns and songs after violating the sanctity of a Palestinian mosque in the city of Jenin. 

The Israeli army’s latest raid on Jenin and its adjacent refugee camp began on Tuesday, leading to the killing of 11 Palestinians and the wounding of dozens more. 

In the video, Israeli soldiers are shown walking around the mosque with their military boots after kicking Palestinians out. 

One of the soldiers was also seen taking over the pulpit and, using loudspeakers, singing Talmudic songs, thus broadcasting it to thousands of Palestinians in the city and the adjacent areas. 

Mockingly, the soldier declared, “In the name of God, the merciful. Here is the spokesperson of the IDF.”

“For the residents of the camp, the story is over, we will not allow the presence of armed men inside the camp. The future will be clean, we want you to live with dignity in the camp, there is no power beyond the power of Allah,” the soldier added.

Jenin has served as a center for Palestinian Resistance to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. Its fighters, all local youth, have fought fierce battles against well-equipped Israeli soldiers, who have killed and wounded hundreds of Palestinians in the camp since the start of the year.

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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