Israel Destroys Water Pipeline in Palestinian Village

The 180 Palestinian villages located on lands designated as 'Area C' are often raided by Israeli forces. (Photo:

Israeli bulldozers destroyed a water pipeline supplying the northern Jordan Valley village of Ras Al-Ahmar with fresh drinking water, early yesterday.

According to a local official, Mutaz Bisharat, four Israeli bulldozers raided the Ras Al-Ahmar village along with seven Israeli military jeeps and began to destroy the water pipeline.

Bisharat added that Israeli bulldozers razed the land for five hours to create a military road.

He pointed out that the destroyed water pipeline was used by local Palestinian farmers for drinking water and to irrigate their lands.

Israeli forces destroyed the water pipeline and created a 2.5 kilometer-long road linking the main road of Ras Al-Ahmar village to the Msheibek area, which Israel declared a closed military zone.

Locals told Ma’an that while Israeli forces razed the land, Palestinian residents were prevented from entering or exiting the area.

Khirbet Ras Al-Ahmar is one of approximately 180 Palestinian villages in the occupied West Bank on lands designated as “Area C” – the area of the West Bank under full Israeli security and civilian control – according to Israeli human rights NGO B’Tselem.

The village is often raided by Israeli forces, who hold various military operations in the area, forcing residents of the village to leave their homes for several hours or even days.

Additionally, the village is a designated Israeli military “firing zone”.

Nearly 20 percent of the occupied West Bank has been declared “firing zones” since the 1970s, but according to the UN, nearly 80 percent of these areas are not in fact used for military training.

Rights groups have accused Israel of declaring some parts of the West Bank as firing zones in an attempt to annex them.

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  1. I’ve read plenty, including Israeli historians, on the subject of Palestine. It’s as bad as it looks. The establishment of ‘Israel’ was by far the grossest fault of international diplomacy in C20. It can never be legitimate. Edward Said was right: there can only be a 1 state solution… Palestine. That is a political, NOT racial or cultural assertion.

  2. This will never stop while the US government is captive to the Israel lobby. Unhappily smaller players, such as my own Australian govt., are content to be captive also, along with the conservative media here. I cannot understand why there is such blind pro-Israel bias. I have visited Israel/Palestine 3 times, & I know these reports are true, & tragic.

    • I dont understand why the U.N can’t do more. 🙁 It’s outrageous what is happening…and With Trump it will only get worse! Trump and his buddy Netenyahu have to go!!!

      • the UN cannot do more because the US has veto power in the Security Council AND Israel does not comply with UN directives. We need to wait until the world wide BDS movement succeeds in its goal: EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL. Martin Luther King said “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

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