Israel Seeks to Increase US Aid by $2bn a Year

Israel is looking to increase the US aid it receives from $3 billion to $5 billion each year, Haaretz newspaper reported yesterday.

The US agreement on security assistance with Israel, whereby America pays $30 billion in aid to Israel over ten years, is due to expire soon. However, Israel is looking for a new agreement with greater benefits.

The newspaper reported that negotiations on the deal experienced difficulties in the last round a week ago.

According to officials who spoke to the newspaper, the Americans have agreed to increase the aid they provide by about $400 million per year.

The Israelis believe that “the increase the Americans are offering is not enough.”

The US said it is bound by budget constraints and that part of Israel’s military requests, especially with regard to the aircraft ammunition stocks, is exaggerated.

According to Haaretz, the current security agreement is due to come to end at the end of 2018.


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  1. You really do have to ask yourself at what point do American Taxpayers wake up and cease funding the Israeli Apartheid Regime. Any weaponry or ammunition that America supplies to Israel is largely used to kill Palestinians and assist with their program of ethnic cleansing. Is this what Americans want? To be complicit in Israel’s criminal actions? It is high time Americans got rid of the Israeli bought American Politicians in Congress and elsewhere and took back their government from the Hands of Israel. It is supposed to represent Americas interests not Israel’s interests. Supporting Israel to the extent America does makes it look biddable and controlled by Israel and damages Americas status

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