Israeli Raids in Lebanon Kill Four, Including Two Children

A 13-year-old child and a baby were among the victims of Israeli strikes in southern Lebanon. (Photo: via social media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The attacks on civilian homes came after the Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah carried out a major operation earlier on Wednesday.

The Israeli army launched a series of airstrikes across several regions of southern Lebanon on Wednesday, resulting in the killing of four people, including a mother and her two children, Al-Mayadeen reported.

According to the Lebanese news network, the aggressions targeted the Lebanese villages of Souaneh, Adshit, and Chehabiyeh.

The attacks on civilian homes came after the Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah carried out a major operation earlier on Wednesday.

‘Direct Hit’ – Hezbollah Missile Kills One, Wounds Others in Safed

Israeli media reported that at least ten missiles were launched toward Israeli military bases and sites.

The Iron Dome reportedly failed to intercept one of the missiles, which targeted the Israeli Northern Command headquarters in the city of Safed, in northern Israel, killing one soldier and wounding at least eight. 

‘Don’t Test Us’ – Nasrallah

Speaking at a ceremony honoring the wounded and detained members of the Resistance on Tuesday, Hezbollah’s Secretary-General warned the Israelis from launching a war on Lebanon, reiterating that operations will only halt if the war on Gaza stops.

“If the enemy carries out its threats against us, it must realize that the hundred thousand who left the North will not return,” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said.

In response to threats from the Israeli Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, Nasrallah said, “If you do not want to stop the war with us, then you are welcome (to continue it).

“The Resistance today is more certain, determined, and prepared to confront the (Israeli) enemy,” the leader concluded.

The Northern Front

Since the start of the Israeli war on Gaza, on October 7, Hezbollah has engaged directly, but relatively in a limited way in the war against the Israeli occupation.

According to Hezbollah sources, the movement has carried out 169 military operations in the first 120 days of war, killing over 2,000 Israeli soldiers.

In Numbers – These are Israeli Losses in the Last Four Months of Fighting with Hezbollah

Israel has occupied parts of Lebanon for decades and has only left the country in 2000, following stiff Lebanese resistance under Hezbollah’s leadership. 

It attempted to re-occupy Lebanon in 2006 but failed in what Lebanon considers a major victory against Israel. 

Israel, however, continues to occupy parts of Lebanon, namely the Sheeba Farms region.

Hezbollah has vowed to recover every inch of Lebanon that has been occupied by Israel contrary to international law.

(PC, Al-Mayadeen)

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