Israeli Woman: This is How Palestinian Fighters Treated Us

In the interview, the Israeli woman said that she was treating humanly. (Photo: Israeli media, Quds News, image grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

An Israeli settler from the settlement of Ziv said that Palestinian Resistance fighters who took part in the Al-Aqsa Flood operation on October 7 treated her and others with “utmost humanity.”

The comments were made during an interview with Israeli media, and circulated by Quds news network, Aljazeera Arabic Channel, among others.

The Israel woman said that the fighters treated them with “utmost humanity” and that no violence was used against them.

Asked by the Israeli broadcaster if the Resistance had “attacked” her, the woman, unnamed in the interview, said that the fighters “treated us with the utmost humanity.”

“They were trying to calm us down, give us water to relieve the pressure on us,” she said.

She also said that after the fighters released her and others, she saw Israeli soldiers throwing a bomb at the house where the Palestinians and “other prisoners” were held, killing them all, according to the translation of some of the text, as provided by Aljazeera.

Below is the original Hebrew interview with Arabic subtitles.

The Palestine Chronicle will attempt to produce an English translation from the original Hebrew interview.

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