Israel’s Shin Bet Chief Warns against ‘Jewish Terror’: Israeli Media

Head of Shin Bet, Ronen Bar (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Photo: via Wikimedia Commons, file)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

In a rare warning, Israel’s chief of the internal intelligence agency, Shin Bet warned against ‘Jewish terror’ against Palestinians. What did he mean?

In a rare warning, Shin Ben chief Ronen Bar warned rightwing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the “strategic danger posed by violence against Palestinians perpetrated by settlers,” the Israeli news website, Ynet News reported on Sunday.

In recent months, Illegal Israeli Jewish settlers, often under the protection of the Israeli army have increased their violent rampages in many Palestinian villages and towns in the occupied West Bank.

The latest major violence took place in the Palestinian village of Burqa, when Jewish settler mobs attacked Palestinians killing one and wounding three others.

The attack was followed by a Palestinian retaliation in Tel Aviv, where a Palestinian shot and wounded several Israelis.

The head of the Shin Bet is now making links between all of these incidents.

Echoing Bar’s warnings, Ynet wrote, the Israeli occupation regime has “not only been faced with growing Palestinian terror (Resistance) attempts. They are also required to respond to an increase in Jewish terror, which is seen as further motivation for Palestinians to act.”

Bolstering Hamas, Jihad 

Citing the head of Israel’s notorious intelligence agency, the newspaper reported that Bar “said Jewish terror incites Palestinian terror, bolstering the Islamic Jihad and Hamas.”

“He also warned that there was an increased danger that a (Jewish) settler may be abducted during an incursion into a Palestinian village,” it added.

Increased Jewish settlers’ attacks means that the Israeli military “was diverted from critical training regimes in light of the increased violence that required the deployment of many of its forces to the West Bank.”

“The violence perpetrated by settlers harms the legitimacy of the Palestinian Authority’s security services which are expected to take measures against Hamas and Islamic Jihad actions in the West Bank,” according to the newspaper.

Less Prepared

Moreover, “Iran’s interests are served by Israeli’s need to address West Bank violence, at the expense of other fronts and much of the military’s force is deployed there,” the report went one, confirming, according to Ynet, that “for the first time that the IDF’s training schedule has been impacted, leaving it less prepared for war.”

The number of Israel military and settler attacks has risen since the beginning of January, resulting in the death of at least 207 Palestinians, including children and women.

The violence is often carried out jointly or in coordination between the Israeli army and illegal Jewish settlers.

Of the 37 Palestinian children killed since the start of the year 31 were killed in the West Bank and six in Gaza.

27 Israelis were also reportedly killed during the same period.

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