Letter to the Editor: Lip Service to Peace

To the Editor:

The world has experienced yet another in the sorry sequences of a proposed peace process aimed at resolving the Palestine-Israel conflict. Many high-ranking government officials from Palestine, Israel, the United States, and other interested nations met in Annapolis, Maryland to set the stage for a one-on-one meeting between the two rivals.

Meeting such as this are unwieldy, due in great measure to the fact that one of the nations, Israel, was forcibly created by the larger powerful nations from land confiscated from Palestine.

That fact remains, hovering over the conference like an evil phantom, foremost in the thoughts of the participants, Palestine because its lands were stolen, Israel because its thievery of Palestinian land is conceived by many as a black deed that should never have happened.

Still, there was a so-called "agreement" that the two parties in conflict would hold a meeting of firm resolve in the interest of peace.

So, after this costly exercise in contrived Israeli lip service, what happened?

Reports say that hundreds of Palestinians were trapped in their homes, fearing to go in or out of their residences in the face of 30 IDF tanks and a number of bulldozers.

Others noted that the fork-tongued Israeli government blatantly announced a plan to construct over 300 apartments in the Har Homa neighborhood of traditionally Arab east Jerusalem.

Israel states that the major object of its attack was the terrorist Hamas group; however, keen scrutiny indicates that the true terrorist group in the middle east is Israel and its US supplied armed forces.

Thank you

Dr. E.A. Richards, P.E.

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  1. the U S has committed more harm and evil injustice than any group of terrorist they have sided with the dictators in central America they responsible for the Palestinian blood of all the children killed ,,Obama is just as evil as the rest ,J,carter is the only good one ,,Israel has become as evil as the nazzi

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