Mads Gilbert: ‘People are Questioning Israel’

Dr. Mads Gilbert

During the latest Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip, war planes dropped bombs on the enclave day and night. The people there, besieged on all sides, had no place to go.

As in previous wars, Israel says it was responding to attacks from Hamas. But the war in the summer of 2014 was different, according to Dr Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian surgeon working in Gaza in the operating rooms of the Shifa hospital.

“This is a genocide. This is a massacre. And I hope that somebody is being held accountable for it,” Gilbert told the media from the site of one of the attacks this year.

“Israeli impunity has gone so far now that they think they can do whatever, with whoever, and they don’t consider Palestinians even human, according to how they treat them now.”

– Read more: Mads Gilbert: ‘People are questioning Israel’ – Al Jazeera

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  1. Gilbert is an activist and a hypocrite. In Yarmouk palestinians have a lot more serious situation than in Gaza. No one talks or are active for this cuase. No Gilbet even mention their horrible situation because they can’t target Israel. Wtithout Israel the people in Yarmouk is just .. people .. and the activists are silent.

    • I agree with you 100%, but to be fair, this video was made months ago, and well before ISIS took over Yarmouk. That being said, I don’t think he would have mentioned their plight, nor would the unhcr ever mention the plight of anyone for whom the jews could not be blamed through normal yet perversely twisted logic.

    • Not pro Israel= hypocrite, terrorist, suicide bomber, self hating Jew, anti-Semitic, Anti-Zionist, …… Blah blah blah. Your lyrics are grandfathered

  2. Knut and shep trying to stir their opinion.
    He was on the ground, and you weren’t. Netanyahoo & gov is a Jewish Isis . Doing same to Palestinians, undercover of media, protocols of unlearned elders of Zion explains tactics to use in world domination

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