Monday International Strike for Gaza – What You Can Do

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The point of the strike is to keep Gaza, particularity the call for immediate ceasefire on top of the global agenda.

Palestinian groups, representing a unified political front in Palestine are calling for an international strike in solidarity with the Palestinian people, the official Palestinian news agency, WAFA reported.

The National and Islamic Forces, a coalition of major factions in Palestine, has called for an inclusive global strike on Monday that would include all aspects of life in solidarity with the Palestinian people—particularly in the Gaza Strip—who have been facing an Israeli war of genocide, displacement and ethnic cleansing for 65 days in a row, WAFA reported.

In a press statement released this evening, the Forces called on the public across Palestine to take to the streets and public squares across the country and the world in an expression of national and international unity in and around Palestine.

These public demonstrations would send a message of a strong opposition to any attempts at uprooting and displacement, the statement said.

The Forces affirmed that the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people will continue by all means guaranteed by international law and will not stop until the Palestinians have achieved their freedom, independence and statehood.

“We expect the entire globe to join the strike, which comes in the context of a broad international movement involving influential figures. This movement stands against the open genocide in Gaza, the ethnic cleansing and the colonial settlement in the West Bank,” read the statement.

“The strike also opposes attempts to undermine the just national cause of the Palestinian people,” it added.

The Forces emphasized that people worldwide are uniting in the face of the injustice, murder, and racism perpetrated by the Israeli occupation, sending a message of solidarity with the children, women, and elderly who have fallen victim to Israel’s organized terrorism and war crimes.

The strike, according to the Forces, conveys a powerful message from living nations standing beside the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights for return, self-determination, and national independence with a sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital.

How to Participate?

Many social media activist groups offered suggestions on how to participate in the strike.

Palestine Online – @OnlinePalEng – tweeted on X:

“How to participate in the global strike for Gaza on Monday 11th of Dec 2023?

  1. Don’t buy anything (cash or online)
  2. Don’t use your bank account, and don’t make any transaction
  3. Don’t leave your house
  4. Deactivate your Facebook and Instagram accounts
  5. Tweet using the hashtag #StrikeForGaza.”

#EndTheSiegeOnGaza tweeted:


“World leaders’ inaction in the face of Gaza’s genocide demands a forceful response from us, the people. The Palestinian people call for a worldwide general strike TOMORROW: no school, no work, no banking, no buying. #StrikeForGaza.”

Visualizing Palestine – @visuallizingpal – tweeted:

“We are joining the call for a global strike to put an end to Israel’s genocidal acts against Palestinians in Gaza.

“Tomorrow, join this global call to strike: no work, no school, no shopping.

“#StrikeForGaza #CeasfireNow #StopTheGenocide”

Expression of Unity

“Global solidarity with Gaza and the strong, unprecedented call for ending injustice in Gaza and Palestine has unified people around the world for over two months,” Palestinian journalist and author Dr. Ramzy Baroud said.

“The point of the strike is to keep Gaza, particularity the calls for immediate ceasefire on top of the global agenda, while sending a message of unity that the world is united against the ongoing genocide in besieged Gaza, and the horrific war launched by Israel and illegal settlers against the rest of Occupied Palestine,” he added.

“This solidarity is particularly meaningful to the people of Gaza, who must not be left alone no matter how long Israel decides to prolong its massacres of civilians, while depriving 2.3 million people of food, water, medicine, fuel and any sense of security.”

The number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli war on Gaza since October 7 has reached 17,997, including over nearly 8,000 children and more than 6,121 women, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza. 49,229 were wounded.

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