Number of Palestinians Killed and Wounded in Israeli Strikes on Gaza Revealed

Palestinian journalist, Mohammed Assalhi was killed by the Israeli military while covering the war in Gaza. (Photo: Social Media)

Israeli strikes are reported throughout Gaza, reaching many towns in the besieged Strip.

UPDATE: Official estimates from the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza:

Total number of Palestinians killed is 198.

Total number of Palestinians wounded is 1,610.

Original Report

Over 160 Palestinians were killed and over 1,000 more were wounded, according to early estimates by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.

This number is considered a rough estimate and is not official.

A state of emergency was declared in all hospitals in Gaza.

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All hospitals have called on citizens to donate blood with the hope of saving as many lives as possible.

Hospital morgues are reportedly full and many of the dead are being rushed for quick burial.

Aljazeera Arabic correspondent quoted medical sources in Gaza estimating the number of killed Palestinians at over 160.

The Palestine Chronicle correspondent provided a breakdown of some of the causalities in the various regions targeted by Israel.

– Gaza: 35 killed and over 160 wounded.

– Khan Younis: 45 killed and over 180 wounded.

– Northern region: 40 killed and nearly 200 wounded.

– Central Gaza: 29 killed and 311 wounded.

– Rafah: 12 killed and over 80 wounded.

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