Palestine Chronicle Organizes Its First Media Training Workshop in Gaza (PHOTOS)

The Palestine Chronicle organized its first media training workshop in Gaza. (Photo: The Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The Palestine Chronicle organized its first media training workshop in Gaza on Wednesday, March 10.

The training, which was conducted by Palestine Chronicle correspondent in the Gaza Strip Abdallah Aljamal, took place at the Youth Stars Center, in the town of Qizan Abu Rashwan, near Khan Younes. 

Qizan Abu Rashwan is an agricultural town located between the Khan Younes and Rafah municipalities in the Southern Gaza Strip. The area is not only impoverished and neglected because of the protracted Israeli siege on Gaza, but also because neither adjacent municipalities recognize it as part of their cities.

There are 14,000 people residing in Qizan Abu Rashwan, mostly living in a state of destitution, lacking the most basic services and, needless to say, human rights as well.

“When The Palestine Chronicle was contacted by a group of young volunteers from the town informing us of their anti-illiteracy campaign, we rushed to the area, to learn more about their work, but also about the region itself, which seems to have been dropped out of the Gaza map altogether,” Aljamal said. 

The head of the center’s board of directors, Ahmad al-Laham, said that such workshops are of great benefit to the teachers and volunteers at the Center, for they help them develop better ways of communicating the Palestinian narrative to the rest of the world. 

The Palestine Chronicle, a US-based non-for-profit educational organization, intends to continue to support grassroots educational initiatives in Gaza and throughout Palestine, whenever possible.

“It’s important that we allow the authentic Palestinian voice to itself shape the Palestinian discourse,” Ramzy Baroud, editor of the Palestine Chronicle, said. “The youth at the Youth Stars Center are doing a splendid job in empowering their community, fighting illiteracy, and giving  space to women, whether as teachers or students.”

“This is highly commendable, and we are happy to share our limited resources to help such crucial initiatives,” he added. 

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