Palestinian Communist Party Mourns the Death of Castro

Comandante Fidel Castro. (Photo: Mambo Photo, via WFAA, file)

The Palestinian Communist Party in the Gaza Strip has organized a sit-in in solidary with the Cuban people after the passing of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, who is known for his support for the Palestinian cause.

Leaders of the Palestinian national movement and student unions attended the sit-in. Participants carried posters of the late Cuban revolution leader, Fidel Castro, and Palestinian and Cuban flags.

The student block of the Palestinian communist party also mourned the passing of Castro, noting that “Cuba, Palestine, Latin America and the entire world have lost a great, inspirational, and revolutionary leader, who faced along with his other mates the world power of oppression, represented by the monstrous capitalism and imperialism and their followers in Cuba, registering a resonating victory against it, and freeing the Cuban people from being under American control and hegemony.”

The coordinator of the student bock of the Community Party in Gaza Mohammed Saleh said, “The community party and its student body and all institutions of the community party extend their condolences to the Palestinian and Cuban peoples on the loss of Castro, a great and a global leader, who was a great friend to our people.”

He noted that the death of Castro is a real loss of a revolutionary fighter who was one of the most prominent opponents of hegemony and imperialism, and most importantly, the policies of the United States and Israel.

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