Palestinian Resistance Infiltrates Shin Bet, Mossad, Documentary Reveals

The documentary explains some of the methods used by Israel intelligence agencies to recruit Palestinian collaborators, among other revelations. (Image: Video Grab)

Israel’s intelligence agencies are known for infiltrating Palestinian and Arab resistance groups. A documentary, however, shows that the opposite is now taking place.

A new documentary, produced by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement revealed that Palestinian Resistance fighters managed to infiltrate Israel’s internal security agency Shin Bet and the spy agency Mossad, Iranian Press TV reported on Thursday.

According to Press TV, the documentary, titled ‘Spider’s Web 2’, “details a complex espionage operation that was carried out against the Israeli organizations by al-Quds Brigades,” the armed wing of the Palestinian Resistance movement of the Islamic Jihad.

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The documentary illustrates the espionage enterprise, which involved six Palestinian fighters and was part of the wider ‘Wahda al-Sahat (Unity of the Squares) operation, launched by the Islamic Jihad in 2022.

The Palestinian agents reportedly baited a number of Israeli officers into revealing secret methods and procedures.

According to Press TV,

“One of the Palestinian operatives, referred to as Recruit #106, duped a Shin Bet officer into believing that he was afraid of being arrested by the Palestinian resistance fighters, thus luring the Israeli officer into revealing a treasure trove of information on the regime’s security system, methods, and tools.”

According to the documentary, the Palestinian move led to the detention of several agents working for Israel, and the dismantling of at least three Israeli spying centers.

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