PCBS: 4.81m Palestinians Live in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip

Newborn babies in a Gaza hospital. (Photo: via Twitter)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

On World Population Day, celebrated on July 11, The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics issued a press statement detailing the conditions of the Palestinian population living in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip

The PCBS stated that the overall population of Palestinians in these areas is 4.81 million. Of these, 2.45 million are males, and 2.36 million females. 2.93 million Palestinians live in the West Bank and 1.88 million in the Gaza Strip.

PCBS said 73.9% of Palestinians live in urban areas, 16.6% live in rural areas and 9.5% in refugee camps.

PCBS revealed that the percentage of young people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is 39.2%, with 36.9% in the West Bank and 42.8% in the Gaza Strip. Palestinians aged 65+ make up 2.9% of the total population, with 3.2% in the West Bank and 2.4% in the Gaza Strip.

The population density has reached a new level with a total of 800 people per square kilometer. Some 519 people live on one square kilometer in the West Bank while 5,154 Palestinians live on one square kilometer in the Gaza Strip, making it one of the most highly populated areas in the world.

The percentage of fertility in Palestine in general has declined, yet it has increased in the Gaza Strip with 4.5 babies born on average in the Gaza Strip and 3.7 babies in the West Bank (2011-2013).

The report has revealed that one out of four people who are able to work is jobless and a woman is head of only one out of every ten families.

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  1. Only 9.5% in refugee camps? cannot be right. its much higher. 80% in Gaza alone live in refugee camps

    • Blake, The majority of “refugees” don’t live in “camps” but in normal suburbs. Myth busted!
      Tel Aviv has population density of 8,000 per sq km, nearly 60% more than Gaza. Another myth busted!

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