Stopping the Temporal and Spatial Division of Al-Aqsa

UNESCO recently called on Israel to return Al-Aqsa Mosque to pre-1967 war status. (Photo: File)

By Dr. Mousa Abu-Marzouk 

The Israeli occupation has closed the doors to Al-Aqsa Mosque from 7.30am to 11.30am, during which they prevent worshippers from entering the mosque. This is being carried out in light of Arab silence and Palestinian preoccupation with projects that only deepen the divide; projects that separate us, not unite us.

The occupation has closed the doors to Al-Aqsa Mosque and is trying to prevent our presence in Al-Aqsa and legally prosecute those who are stationed in Al-Aqsa and Al-Awqaf employees. There has also been an increase in the storming of Al-Aqsa, led by the terrorist Miri Regev, the Israeli Minister of Culture and Sport and the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Ze’ev Elkin.

The Israelis believe that the current state of the Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims allows them to take such measures that aim to divide Al-Aqsa in terms of time. What are we doing about this? Jerusalem is the compass of our nation, its political kiblah, and the source of its pride and dignity.

There must be media, political, and social campaigns to confront the Zionist plans on an individual, collective and factional level.

On a Palestinian level, Al-Aqsa needs to be attended to by Abu Mazen and Fatah in order to mobilise the Palestinians for this cause. What the Israelis are effectively doing is tearing up the Palestinian arena and dividing it; will anyone respond to this?

Al-Aqsa is the first kiblah of the Muslims, the third holy mosque, a beacon for Arabs and Muslims and the source of their sovereignty and concern. Will Arab and Muslim leaders take action to stop Al-Aqsa Mosque from suffering the same fate as Al-Ibrahimi Mosque?

Will the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Al-Quds Committee, Al-Azhar, kings, presidents, leaders and emirs all take action to thwart the Zionist plan to enforce the temporal division of Al-Aqsa? If the Zionists succeed, God forbid, this will be a prelude to spatial division and the beginning of the construction of a temple or synagogue in the Al-Aqsa Mosque courtyard.

There are still people stationed in Al-Aqsa and they will not allow the Zionists to implement their plans; not now and not ever. They act as the armor and fortress of Al-Aqsa and are a source of honour and pride for their nation. We are counting on them and await their victory. They will ask you: “When will this happen?” Say, “perhaps it will be soon.”

– Dr. Mousa Abu-Marzouk is a top official in Hamas. (This article was translated from Qudsnet by Middle East Monitor)

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