The Zionist Distortion of Palestinian History: In Conversation with Rashid Khalidi (PODCAST)

In this episode of Palestine in Perspective, Paul Salvatori talks with Palestinian-American historian and Professor Rashid Khalidi. (Thumbnail: Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

In this episode of “Palestine In Perspective”, host and Toronto-based writer for the Palestine Chronicle, Paul Salvatori, talks with Palestinian-American historian and Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University, Rashid Khalidi.

From both a historical and political point of view, Khalidi explains how the myth or falsehood that there is a “war” between Palestine and Israel—rather than an ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the latter against the former—came to be, how public discourse (reproduced through mainstream media) sustains the myth and how the West directly supports Israeli criminality while shielding it from legal and other accountability. 



“Palestine In Perspective” is a newly featured podcast on The Palestine Chronicle and sub-series of the social justice and human rights-focused podcast, The Dark Room.

Through candid interviews and discussions with pro-Palestinian voices—from scholars and activists to artists and intellectuals—“Palestine In Perspective” illuminates key issues of Palestinian justice, resistance and the international struggle against Israeli apartheid. The show is hosted by Toronto-based writer, activist and musician Paul Salvatori. 

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