Videos Emerge Showing Israeli Police Shooting Palestinian Woman ‘Execution-Style’ (VIDEOS)

Isra' Abed, 28, was one many Palestinian youth killed by Israeli soldiers. (Photo: via Facebook, file)

A number of videos emerged online on Friday, showing Israeli police shooting a Palestinian woman, Isra’ Abed, 28, at a bus station in Afula in the north of Israel.

In one video shot through what looks like a glass window of a truck or a bus, a woman in white clothes with a black bag is seen amid shouting armed men, allegedly Israeli police officers. While the person in white seems to be holding her hands up, gunfire follows and the person falls to the ground.

Belal Dabour from Gaza, who describes himself as “a Palestinian doctor living in Gaza” has posted videos on Twitter, and said it was not filmed by him. “She posed no threat,” Dabour said. He added that the woman was “reported dead.”

Another video, taken from a different angle, shows the same scene. Published by Israeli Kikar websource, it was claimed that the Arab woman seen in the clip tried to stab a female IDF soldier in Afula central bus station. “The security forces who were present there were able to shoot her before she could carry out the attack,” the Israeli source said, adding that the alleged attacker was wounded.

The woman was a “female terrorist,” the Jerusalem Post claimed. The bus terminal was closed off by Israeli law enforcement following the incident, and the woman was taken to hospital as she was “moderately wounded.”

While Twitter users were asking for the details, Dabour said, “There’s no context there,” adding that “even IF (a big IF) she was carrying a knife, 10 guards can easily disarm her if they choose to.”

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  1. Assasins !!!!!! tuer une femme de sang froid, sans arme , mais wi un couteau ca fait lpoid contre un fusil!!

  2. Assassins!! killers!! murderer!! monsters!! shot a woman with no gun!! 4 officers in fornt of, only a knife lol, you killed people with easy ways that means u so inhuman, Hitler should kill all of your nasty face!!! We are not blind!!!

  3. this breaks my heart…a beautiful intelligent woman has died …why? what did i miss? this is not ok…x

  4. Look, people who carried mass human destructive weapons are peace keepers.
    And that woman is a female terrorist, fighting against the well armed men. Bravo Salut

  5. Once a wise man said…….. “Nothing”…………Your Lord Did not Abandon you Nor Did He Forgot

  6. Where are the human rights.. Israel has a new way to keep killing Palestinians and placing a knife next to the body so they can get away with it if you listen to the video carefully the solider asks someone go find a knife after the killing.
    Think! who are the terrorist? Terrorizing innocent people while the world is watching and doing nothing about it when will we rest and live in peace?

    • ahmad i was listening to the news in the last 2 months and i know that 15 Israelis were killed by knife attach and same time 90 Palestinian killed two , please do not say they place knife next to the body . iam not jewish but i fear God the truth got to be said , i don’t take sides and i don’t blame you for the fire inside you to see this young woman been murdered, yes murdered . it is truth that they could have disarmed her or shoot her in the leg than the chest but remember , if you willing to kill, even if you go to gel and been released after 1 or 2 yaers as part exchange for kidnapped Israelis . she still going to pick up a knife and try to kill again .very sad

      • When unarmed women will be killed like this surely the kids would grab knives too. What you say is a statement while you are seeing a happening in the video above. There has never been a video that shows any Israeli dog delivered to hell.

  7. So sad. God gave us freewill. A woman can wear or not wear hijab if that’s her own choice. Who are you to force her to wear or not to wear it? This is inhumane. This is not fair, this is not equality, this is no justice. If you don’t stop a girl from wearing shorts, miniskirts or revealing clothes then why would you or anyone stop a girl who wants to cover herself and dress modestly to obey God’s command? Muslim and believing women cover themselves because they believe it to be God’s commandment not cuz she’s a terrorist or wishes harm. This world needs more love and light.

    -Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

  8. Israel is doomed and more and more Israeli Jews and those elsewhere are realizing it. Hence, the rapidly increasing emigration of Jews from Israel and the large drop in Jewish immigration to Israel. Palestinians now outnumber Jews between the River and the Sea. Around the world and increasingly in the U.S., Israel is viewed as a rogue/pariah “state,” a brutal occupier and a serial violator of international law. The handwriting is on the wall.

  9. SHAME ON YOU ISRAEL SOLDIERS , they kill children , women, old man , go to hell isreal the true divel of this world and there alies the usa , the Palestine will became free , and may the force to be with Palestinien.

  10. Thats women tried coorporate…but Isreal showed how to be extremes people streets with the weapon…so bad.. kill human Life like animal…thats is showed quality soldier Israel like as coward…so ashame

  11. they so recklessly kill other humans, that they take others animals, and themselves superhumans, that is why Lord is fostering the oppressed people and these israelis and indians can’t gulp down the water by anger when they see poor oppressed muslims still growing despite the venomous animosities, conspiracies and plots of zionists, modi of india & trump. Just live and let others live, else wrath of Lord would destroy you that you can’t imagine

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