WHO ‘Strongly Condemns’ Israeli Attack on Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza

The Director of Al-Ahli Hospital gives a press conference at the site of the massacre. (Photo: Screenshot)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The World Health Organization Demanded ‘immediate active protection of civilians and health care’ in Gaza. 

An estimated 500 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds more wounded in an early estimation of casualties resulting from an Israeli airstrike targeting Al-Ahli Hospital in northern Gaza on Tuesday afternoon.

The World Health Organization (WHO) “strongly condemned” the attack in a statement and called for the “immediate active protection of civilians and health care.”

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“The hospital was one of 20 in the north of the Gaza Strip facing evacuation orders from the Israeli military,” the statement read, adding: 

“The order for evacuation has been impossible to carry out given the current insecurity, critical condition of many patients, and lack of ambulances, staff, health system bed capacity, and alternative shelter for those displaced.”

“WHO calls for the immediate active protection of civilians and health care. Evacuation orders must be reversed. International humanitarian law must be abided by, which means health care must be actively protected and never targeted,” the statement concluded.

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  1. It was clear to me that while there may have been a stray rocket shell that landed in the parking lot of Al-Ahli hospital, the rocket which hit directly upon the roof area of Al-Ahli hospital was fired under cover of reponding shells by Isra-Hell-ii forces. The homemade rocket shell(s) by the militia and freedom fighters do not possess that tonnage.Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a JET firing that missile that murdered so many sick, downtrodden and innocents.At any rate the very next day a school, another Hospital was struck and a bread bakery.So WHAT? PEOPLE wake up. This retribution upon the indigenous Peoples’ of PALESTINE, will be the Final Judgement of MANKIND. FREE PALESTINE.

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