Poll: 23% of Israelis Think of Leaving Israel

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A poll conducted by Wala News Website has revealed that 23% of Israel has thought about leaving Israel in the past five years. The poll included a random sample of 646 Jews cited the security situation as a main factor behind their feelings, among other reasons.

According to the poll, 24% of Israelis interviewed said it is possible to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians, while 64% said it is unlikely.

After the outbreak of the Palestinian Intifada (uprising) in 2000, tens of thousands of Israelis left Israel for other countries where they were also citizens.

Israel has been working hard to convince Jews all over the world to reside in Israel. From time to time, the Jewish Agency, which is responsible for taking Jews from around the world to Israel, brings Jews as new migrants to reside in the country, resulting in even greater challenges for Palestinians.

The outbreak of the Al-Quds Intifada in October of 2015 has played a major role in convincing more Israelis to leave the country, as Israeli settlers faced negative consequences of their government’s occupation of the Palestinians.

(PC, Palestine Today)

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