5 Times Netanyahu’s Speech Showed America’s Well on Board With His Dangerous Plans

Here’s five moments from the speech that highlighted how the Israel/United States “rift” is overrated.

1) Netanyahu Praised Obama’s Support For His Recent Operation in Gaza: Senator Diane Feinstein stood up to clap for this one. It was a reference to Israel’s 2014’s seven-week bombardment of Gaza, that resulted in over 2,000 deaths. At least 30% of those deaths were children. Obama urged restraint, but continually reiterated Israel’s right to defend itself. Susan Rice, Obama’s national security advisor, declared, “Here is one thing you never have to worry about: America’s support for the state of Israel. Hamas initiated this conflict. And Hamas has dragged it on.”

2) Netanyahu Declared He Wants Sanctions “Until Iran Stops Aggression On Its Neighbors”: He’s referring to the Obama administration’s sanctions on Iran, which could possibly be increasing corruption and repression in the region. There’s no doubt that these actions have alienated the Iranian people, as they’ve paid a vast human cost. Reports have documented how the sanctions have created food shortages and cut off crucial medical supplies.

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