Death’s Face – Poems

Death’s Face

By Patricia Weiss
To the Palestinian People

I saw deaths face today, it shattered my heart.
Young warrior, eyes locked shut.

Do you still feel the pain and carnage,
your blood shed into the reddened earth.
All the destruction; hearts breaking;
mothers weeping, children shaking.

One man sitting smiling under blue and
white; his evil lurking..God watches and waits.

Prophecy written, anger held and words read
..better to sit than to stand but souls scream
men weep; their rage lost on deaf ears.

Tears for Freedom

The agony is on your face
Your struggle felt as a heaviness upon many souls.
Wishing to be as brave as you holding strong; heads held high.

Your cries are heard, your pain felt.
Some of us fight the battle as cowards
writing words and praying for peace;
most, of which, falls upon deaf mute ears

Our hearts moan in desperate pain
as heads touch ground in solemn prayer,
One finds it a struggle to find the words
screaming from the inside of souls;
Hoping to be finally heard!

– Patricia K Weiss contributed these poems to

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