Finkelstein on Amnesty’s Report on Gaza’s Offensive 2014 – Video

Professor Norman G. Finkelstein. (Photo: File)

Interview with Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein on Amnesty’s Report on Gaza’s Offensive 2014

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  1. As context it would have been good to mention that Amnesty International played a crucial role in creating the propaganda case for war in 1990 which led to Desert Storm and Desert Shield, and ultimately the sanctions and 2003 invasion. This chain of events has led to millions of deaths and thee current circumstances of permanent war. In 1990 AI were at the centre – both with their own report on Kuwait, which included many falsehoods, and with their endorsement of US atrocity propaganda including the notorious lie about babies being thrown from incubators [AI later rescinded its endorsement of this lie, but by that time thee damage was done].

  2. MUST MUST watch- Norman Finkelstein’s incisive intelligence shreds Amnesty’s shameful, dangerous and unsound claims.

  3. This is a very compelling interview. Pity all western governments don’t get to hear it – if they could be bothered to listen anyway.

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