Re-finding Eden

(For Hassan Safadi and the others)

By Francis Oeser

The cell is dark.

Bearer than deserts.

Stifling as loveless threats.

But, beware: the silence in my cell

is the mindless noise outside

where hate and infidelity overwhelm

the ordinary (sacred) life.

For, hangmen will be hanged,

the torturers tortured

and new celebrations of

The Family of Mankind

will sing in the hearts of

thinkers and labourers,

servants and masters.


Two by two

we will re-find Eden,

protected by angels,

fecund with love,

joyous as childhood

as we embrace

our true future.

(This is a response to Richard Falk’s plea about the Palestinian hunger-strikers  – 19.08.12)

– Francis Oeser is a novelist and a poet. He contributed this poem to

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