On What the Pope Taught

By Richard Falk I am not surprised that there are such contradictory reactions to Pope Francis’ recent visit to Palestine and Israel. To begin with, there are sharply divergent views about the Catholic Church, and […]

A New City of the Dead in Egypt

By Johnny Barber Whitewashed like other politically significant sites around Cairo, Tahrir Square today shows no memory of the youths who died there for Egypt’s future The City of the Dead in Cairo is an […]

You Came to Create Change

By Mats Svensson You come to Palestine as a diplomat, as a development worker. You come to create change. To make something better. Not for yourself but for people living on a small plot of […]

Which Israel will be Greeting the Pope?

By Jamal Kanj Is it the official diplomatic fanfare and PR machine parading Israel’s religious “tourism,” or the unofficial welcome decorating Palestinian churches in Jerusalem with slogans like “Jesus is garbage” and “Mary is a […]

Europe Should Atone for Its Sins

By John V. Whitbeck Now that the American-monopolized “peace process” has expired, Europe should seize the initiative and try to do something useful for Israelis, Palestinians and peace. If European states still believe that a […]