Alleged Iranian Hacker Group Reveals Personal Information about Israel’s Mossad Chief (VIDEO)

A mobile phone photo of David Barnea, Director of the Israeli Mossad after it was reportedly accessed by Iranian hackers. (Photo: Video Grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Israeli media, cited by Al-Mayadeen news network, are reporting that “an Iranian hacker group has published films in English, Arabic and Persian on various subjects they have collected on the head of the Mossad and his family”.

The revelation came shortly after Israeli newspaper Haaretz also reported that “the cellphone of the wife of Mossad chief David Barnea was hacked and the contents distributed on an anonymous Telegram channel”.

According to Al-Mayadeen, various Israeli media have reported a ‘serious suspicion’ pertaining to the hacking of the personal computer of the head of the Mossad, accusing – meaning Israeli media – Iran of being behind the hacking operation. 

The military analyst for Israel’s Channel 12 was quoted as saying that “These are unprecedented photos, containing personal information and films about the head of the Mossad, as being claimed by the hacker group, which has recently revealed” the information.

The analyst was referring to a short film that was published online. In the film, personal photos of Barnea’s family album were revealed, including travel tickets to Copenhagen belonging to Barnea and his family during the Israeli war on Gaza in 2014. There is also short footage of Barnea sitting in front of his personal computer in what appears to be his house. 

The information revealed about the head of the Mossad by the hacker group was so personal to the extent that it contained a warning letter from the Israeli tax authorities addressed to Barnea’s wife.

Haaretz, however, referred to the hacking of Barnea’s wife’s cellphone, claiming that “the contents, including photos and documents, were published by hackers who targeted an old cellphone of hers.”

Haaretz also claimed that “As far as is known, Barnea’s phone and personal devices, which are encrypted and secured, were not hacked.”

“Israel estimates that this hack was revenge for an aerial attack in Iran last month, which caused heavy damage to the country’s drone network. Hundreds of drones were destroyed in the strike, according to several estimates,” Haaretz reported.

The hacking which targeted Barnea and his family seems to be linked to a massive cyberattack that almost entirely disabled the Israeli government’s online presence. 

Analysts say that Iran and Israel are already in a state of war in terms of espionage and mutual cyberattacks.

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