Arab-killing Never Hurt an Israeli Cop’s Record

The Israeli flag. (Photo: File)

Finally, the ultimate policeman was found, one with no suspicion of sexual harassment or corruption hanging over him – and our Arab brethren are already protesting because this police chief-designate, Maj. Gen. Bentzi Sao, was involved in killing Arabs in the October 2000 protests.

They have some nerve. Instead of saying thank you to Deputy Minister Yaron Mazuz that those young people were killed with Israeli ID cards in their pockets – issued by the Middle East’s only democracy – the Arabs are brazenly trying to tell the Jews who should fill official posts.

On the other hand, just between us, who’s easier to appoint to an important job: someone suspected of sex crimes or corruption, or someone involved in killing Arabs? The answer is obvious. After all, crimes of the first sort are perpetrated against members of the master nation, and when you’re dealing with them, the rules must be followed. The killing of young Arabs, by contrast, however regrettable it might be, takes place in the cellar, and is of interest to almost nobody among the residents of the upper stories.

Check it out for yourselves. The Movement for Quality Government in Israel, for example, moves heaven and earth – and rightly so – to oppose every inappropriate appointment. But it has never petitioned the High Court of Justice against the appointment of someone because he offended Arab dignity. If there were evidence that a policeman had abused a stray cat, not even a pampered pet, this probably would bar him from even setting foot in the police station

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