‘Beautiful Boy’ Ahmed is in Israeli Prison over Social Media Post

Ahmad was arrested over a social media post. (Photo: Tamar Fleishman, The Palestine Chronicle)

A few days ago, his baby was born. Ahmad was not there for the birth and had not seen the newborn.

While war is waged in Gaza, the world’s gaze is diverted from the millions of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, who are subject to daily Israeli oppression.

Since October 7, no one has entered or exited the pedestrian gates at the Qalandiya military checkpoint, for most of the day.

These gates, where thousands of people used to move through and were open 24/7, are now mostly deserted. The closure imposed at the beginning of the war has not been lifted by Israeli authorities, and no one knows when it might be lifted.

While I was standing at the checkpoint, I asked some Palestinian acquaintances if they knew where Ahmad was, since I had not seen him in a while.

I have known Ahmad since he was a beautiful child. He grew up to be a handsome man. He found his love, raised a family and worked to provide for them. Life was peaceful for him.

Then one day, his fortune changed. 

“It happened ten days ago, maybe more”, our mutual acquaintances told me. “His home was broken into by Israeli soldiers, and he was taken to prison.”

He was accused of posting a political message on social media. 

Ahmad was convicted and sentenced to half a year behind bars and is currently held at Ofer prison.

As far as I know, not only are members of his family not allowed to be present at his trial, but they are not even allowed the meager visits that Palestinian prisoners are entitled to.

True, Ahmad is not alone in his fate. But he is unique for his family, and for myself as well, even if I am not related to him.

I belong to the circle of friends who engulf him with concern and affection.

A few days ago, his baby was born. Ahmad was not there for the birth and had not seen the newborn.

Ahmad was no political activist at any point in his life. Who knows what will happen to his mind during the months in an Israeli prison, who will he be when he gets out?

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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