B’tselem: Israeli Forces Killed Unarmed Palestinian Bystander

Muhammad Shahin, 23, was shot in the chest while he was watching the clashes. (Photo: via Social Media)

Israeli occupation forces shot and killed an unarmed Palestinian civilian who was standing some 20 meters away from locals confronting soldiers with stone-throwing.

Israeli human rights group B’Tselem published its investigation into the killing of Muhammad Shahin, who was shot on 12 March in Salfit, southwest of Nablus in the occupied West Bank.

In the mid-afternoon on the day in question, “soldiers and Border Police officers raided several areas” in Salfit, “confiscating security cameras from local businesses and homes”.

After Israeli occupation forces invaded the town, a number of local residents threw stones at the soldiers, who responded with stun grenades, teargas canisters and rubber-coated metal bullets. Live rounds were also fired into the air.

According to B’Tselem,

“During the stone-throwing incidents in the town, three residents were injured by rubber-coated metal bullets and another was lightly wounded in the hand by a live bullet. Forty other residents were injured by inhaling teargas.”

At around 4.30 pm, Israeli forces shot Muhammad Shahin, 23, in the chest. The Salfit resident was watching the clashes along with others, around 20 meters from youths who were throwing stones.

‘Alaa Salameh, an eyewitness, told B’Tselem:

“Muhammad Shahin, an old friend of mine, was there. We talked and laughed. Muhammad loved to joke around. Everything he said would make you laugh”.

He added:

“We were there for about half an hour, and during this time the soldiers were firing ‘rubber’ bullets, stun grenades, and teargas canisters. The guys were throwing stones on and off, moving closer to the soldiers and then backing off again.”

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Posted by Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace – PCAP on Sunday, April 21, 2019

Salameh continued:

“Then we moved closer to the guys. We moved forward about 20 meters and stood on the opposite sidewalk. Soon after, while the stone-throwing continued, I heard a single shot. Then I saw Muhammad run in the opposite direction and fall down.”

He added:

“At the hospital they told us that Muhammad was in very critical condition and that there was almost no chance that he would survive. A bit later they announced that he had fallen as a martyr. It wasn’t a surprise, because a chest wound doesn’t usually end up well, but we were still shocked when we heard it.”

He concluded:

“Despite everything, I had been hoping that Muhammad would be saved. I still can’t believe what happened and I can’t accept that Muhammad isn’t with us. In my imagination, I see him everywhere. Wherever I go I think that he’s going to pass by and sit down with me, or that he’s going to call me and ask me to go and hang out somewhere.”

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  1. They killed a non-Jew. His crime is not being Palestinian, it is being non-Jewish. All Palestinians Jews who wished, immediately became citizens of Israel when it was imposed on Palestine in 1947.
    Israel is a theocracy, a religious state which discriminates against non-Jews. Nearly 6 million Palestinian Christians and Muslims are denied human and civil rights and held under murderous military occupation purely because they are not Jewish. The fact they are Palestinian is irrelevant.

    It is time to use the correct name for what Israel is doing. It is not targeting Palestinians, it is targeting non-Jews.

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