Couple Arrested in Beirut on Suspicion of Espionage for Israel

The Israel-Lebanon border. (Photo: via QNN)

Lebanese authorities have arrested a couple with Russian citizenship on suspicion of spying for Israel, as they were trying to leave the country through Beirut International Airport, Lebanese media reported on Friday.

Major General Elias Bayssari, Lebanon’s chief of public security, said the two people were “carrying out certain operations inside Lebanon and tried to exit through the airport where they were arrested.”

‘We Will Send Lebanon Back to Stone Age’: Israel Threatens Hezbollah

According to Bayssari, after they had been interrogated and recognized that they were carrying out a spying mission, “they were transferred to the competent military judiciary, and we will announce at a later stage the details about this cell.”

Bayssari stated that the cell “posed a threat to Lebanon,” but offered no details about their mission or the threat they posed.

Meanwhile, Bayssari hailed the Lebanese security agency and stressed that “Lebanon’s security is a redline that must not be ignored under any difficult conditions.”

‘We Will Send Lebanon Back to Stone Age’: Israel Threatens Hezbollah

Tensions between Israel and Hezbollah have risen in recent months, with Hezbollah having erected two tents in the Shebaa Farms area in response to Israel’s construction of a fence around the nearby town of Ghajar.

The Shebaa Farms is Arab land occupied by Israel.

Lebanese security services have arrested dozens over the years on suspicion of collaborating with Israel, with some receiving jail terms of up to 25 years.


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