Cracks in US-Israel Relations? – Palestine Chronicle Editor Speaks to ‘The Listening Post’

Ramzy Baroud speaks with Aljazeera. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

“The message to the Israelis is that you carry on with the war until you achieve whatever objectives you have in mind,” Baroud said.

Ramzy Baroud, editor-in-chief of the Palestine Chronicle, spoke with Al Jazeera about the relationship between the United States and Israel, especially after the passing of a United Nations Security Council resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

The interview was part of the program The Listening Post, featuring several guests, including former UNRWA official Ardi Imseis, the president of the US-Middle East Project Daniel Levy and the Executive Director of DAWN Sarah Leah Whitson.

Baroud explained the logic behind statements made by US officials after the vote, which called the resolution “non binding.” Washington has abstained from the vote, raising the ire of Tel Aviv. 

“If the Americans are arguing that this is a non-binding resolution, they are winking at (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu by saying ‘You really don’t have to implement it,” Baroud said. 

“The message to the Israelis is that you carry on with the war until you achieve whatever objectives you have in mind,” Baroud added.

When commenting on the lack of coverage by media in the United States, “especially so-called liberal media”, Baroud explained that the Biden Administration did not want to deal with the consequences of its decision. 

“Media that is supportive of the Democratic Party made sure that they really did not dedicate so much time and coverage, so that they would minimize any possible repercussions that would be exploited by their opponents in the Republican Party, especially a few months before the presidential elections,” he said.

Full program is available here. 

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  1. The UN Security Council Resolution is binding on the US, Israel, the UK, Germany and the other usual suspects. It’s in the UN Charter, and the US’s standard practice is to abuse and anathematize any other state that ignores UNSC Resolutions; besides, the UN Charter’s a treaty, and the US Constitution makes treaties entered into by the US, the supreme law of the land in the US. So that UN SC Resolution is binding, and any longshoreman or aircraft loader who refuses to work on such, is upholding the law far more than the current Administration is.

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