Dahlan Incites Egypt to Oppose Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation

Mohammed Dahlan. (Photo: via MEMO)

Dismissed Fatah leader and Palestinian MP Mohammed Dahlan, who lives in the United Arab Emirates, has incited Egypt to oppose Fatah-Hamas reconciliation, The New Khalij news website revealed on Friday.

Reporting senior Palestinian sources, the news website disclosed that Dahlan contacted senior Egyptian officials and incited them to damage the ongoing reconciliation understandings between Fatah and Hamas reached in Istanbul two weeks ago.

The sources claim that Dahlan told the Egyptian officials that the two Palestinian factions are working to override Cairo’s role in the Palestinian cause.

According to the sources, Dahlan tried to persuade them that Fatah and Hamas are turning to Turkey and Qatar to supersede the Egyptian role. Dahlan sees the latest rapprochement among the Palestinian factions as a threat to his party, the Democratic Reform Current.

In addition, he feels that the path to reconciliation could place him outside the Palestinian political arena as he is planning to become the head of Palestinian politics instead of Fatah, the Palestine Liberation Organisation and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

(MEMO, PC, Social Media)

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