Dozens of Civilians Killed and Wounded as Israel Carries Out More Massacres in Gaza

Gaza reels under new massacres carried out by the Israeli army. (Photo: via Eye on Palestine)

Eyewitnesses confirmed that Israeli occupation forces are bombarding northern Gaza with phosphorus and smoke shells.

Dozens of Palestinian civilians were killed and others injured as a result of the ongoing Israeli airstrikes and artillery bombardments across the Gaza Strip since the early morning of Friday. 

Northern Gaza

The official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that the Israeli aerial assault involved intense bombings and artillery shelling on residential homes in the northern areas of the Gaza Strip, with a focus on the Jabaliya refugee camp and the town of Beit Lahiya. 

The strikes also targeted schools sheltering displaced families, igniting massive fires in the affected areas.

Israeli tanks have been reported roaming the streets of Jabaliya refugee camp, launching artillery shells in all directions, resulting in numerous civilian casualties, according to witnesses. 

The indiscriminate attacks have claimed lives, with wounded individuals left without immediate medical assistance due to the halt in medical services across the province.

In a distressing phone call from inside the Al-Yemen Al-Saeed Hospital, now used as a shelter for displaced persons in the Jabaliya refugee camp, displaced individuals reported that an Israeli tank halted, wreaking havoc outside the hospital gates and firing shells at the first and fourth floors of the hospital. This resulted in the murder of several civilians.

Eyewitnesses also reported armed Israeli forces firing on civilians in the streets in the Jabaliya refugee camp, resulting in multiple casualties. Eyewitnesses have confirmed that the bodies of the victims are still scattered across the streets of the camp.

The attacks also extended to another shelter center at the Indonesian Hospital, where intense shelling resulted in additional casualties and injuries. A number of displaced individuals, arrested by Israeli occupation forces in the vicinity of the hospital, were taken to unknown locations.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that Israeli occupation forces are bombarding northern Gaza with phosphorus and smoke shells, especially around shelter centers. 

Meanwhile, the detention campaign intensified in Gaza City and its northern areas, focusing on the Beit Lahia project, northern Gaza, and Jabaliya camp. Displaced individuals are being subjected to humiliation and stripped of their clothes at gunpoint during arrests, as reported by witnesses.

Gaza City

The eastern neighborhoods of Gaza City, particularly the Shejayah and Tuffah districts, were targeted by Israeli airstrikes, resulting in the tragic deaths of several individuals and the injury of many others. 

The dire situation was exacerbated as emergency vehicles struggled to evacuate the casualties due to the destruction of infrastructure and impassable roads caused by the relentless Israeli bombings.

In the heart of Gaza City, the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood faced severe bombardment, directly hitting homes that sheltered displaced families, including women, children, and the elderly.

Central Gaza

Israeli airstrikes extended to central Gaza, where Israeli occupation forces targeted residential areas north of the Nuseirat refugee camp, causing the loss of at least 10 lives and extensive damage to civilian infrastructure.

The Israeli bombardment spared neither religious nor medical institutions. The Yafa Mosque in Deir al-Balah, one of the city’s largest mosques, was completely destroyed by an Israeli airstrike. Additionally, the Yafa Specialized Hospital in the city suffered substantial damage, rendering it out of service.

Southern Gaza

The province of Khan Yunis, in the southern region of the Gaza Strip, further faced a barrage of carpet bombings from Israeli aircraft particularly in the towns of Bani Suheila, Sheikh Nasser, Abasan, and Qarara. The airstrikes extensively damaged homes and entire neighborhoods, plunging the city into further distress.

Medical sources in Gaza have revealed that approximately 400,000 citizens are now without any healthcare coverage as a result of the ongoing Israeli attacks from the land, air and sea.

Since October 7, 17,177 Palestinians have been killed and more than 46,000 wounded, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.


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