Egypt to Implement a Five Million Dollar Project To Develop Rafah Crossing

Egyptian soldiers at the Egypt-Rafah border crossing. (Photo: IRIN, file)

Hasan Abdu, a member of the Palestinian press delegation to Cairo said Egyptian sources confirmed that Cairo would take new measures to improve the conditions at the Rafah Crossing, including implementing a three-phase-five-million USD project to enhance the border crossing.

He wrote on Facebook, “Egyptian officials confirmed that the isolation of the Gaza Strip will end and Egypt will change its policy towards Gaza. Egypt will adopt new measures that will allow Palestinians get in and out of Gaza.”

“The Rafah Crossing is now being developed to serve this purpose with a budget of 3.5-5 million$,” he added.

He noted that he first stage will include increasing the number of working days at the crossing and allowing more Palestinians in and out of Gaza, the second phase will include building a duty-free zone between the Gaza Strip and Egypt and the third phase will include opening the Rafah crossing permanently and buildings facilities, including a hotel, to facilitate the passage of passengers.

A Palestinian press delegation ended a four-day visit to Cairo at the invitation of Al-Ahram Institute. The last few weeks have seen improvement in the Palestinian-Egyptian relationship with Cairo opening the Rafah crossing with Gaza for more days and Egyptian officials making remarks that suggest a new policy towards Gaza.

The relationship between Egypt and the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has seen a setback after the later refused an Egyptian proposal to end the rift with the former Fatah leader Mohammed Dahalan.

Many observers believe that this is the reason why Egypt is adopting a new policy towards Gaza, which is run by Hamas, Abbas’s rival.


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