Falastin – A Poem

APalestinian girl in Khan al-Ahmar. (Photo: ActiveStills.org)

By Stephen Brackens Brinkley


seven decades come and gone

millions looking for a home.

Innocent to cause their fate

death of thousands stats to date

ally, foe, it comes and goes

for their actions nothing shows

braver souls they try new stuff

never seems to be  enough

cruelly robbed of precious land

martyrs blood upon the sand

politics is just a game

actors posture get their fame

what was once a proud strong people

with the temple mosque and steeple

now is scattered to the wind

God, it seems won’t ever end

usage of the holocaust

worldly patience soon exhaust

under banner of the blue and white

children stolen in the night

infants cradled in their bed

come the morning they are dead

humanity not able to cry

apathy to see them die

parties form and parties split

horrors’ all the people get

one little boy was all they left

from his family so bereft

soldiers claiming land of Zion

trying to extinct the lion

use land as lab use folk as mice

if test don’t work they run it twice

fences, wires, combat zones

gases, torture, endless drones

past response to break impasse

cylinders of poison gas

how many more will it take

the monster’s hunger to abate?

nations gathered won’t defend

never help no hand extend

truly up to you and me

to set the Gazan people free

– Rev. Stephens Brackens Brinkley is a San Diego-based advocate and human rights activist for unarmed civilians living under armed conflict. He contributed this poem to PalestineChronicle.com.

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  1. A beautiful, heart touching poem just like the other poems by brother Stephen submitted to the Palestinian Chronicle. Hope to see more from this talented humanitarian/activist, gentleman.

    • Thank you to my dear sister, Human Rights Defender Sanjeeda Bano. We will never assent or keep silent in the face of these massive violations of Human Rights and affronts to Human Dignity. We shall know justice for our sisters and brothers in beloved Palestine.

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