Family of Organ-Theft Victim Wants Probe

The family of a Palestinian at the center of the organ-theft story in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has called for a probe into the death of their son.

The family of Bilal Ahmed Ghanem–the 19-year-old Palestinian killed by Israeli soldiers in1992- called on legal and human rights groups to form an independent inquiry panel to investigate the killing of their son and his missing internal organs, Xinhua reported on Wednesday.

The Ghanem family, from the village of Immatin in the district area of Nablus in northern West Bank, said Israeli soldiers abducted the body of their son after shooting him in the heart and handed it over without internal organs.

The call was made after Aftonbladet published the article They plunder the organs of our sons, accusing Israeli soldiers of harvesting organs from wounded or killed Palestinians.

The author of the article Donald Bostrom said he had witnessed the Israeli raid into Ghanem’s village during which the soldiers shot him at the gate of his home.

Bostrom said the Israelis abducted Ghanem’s body and returned it a week later with an incision from his neck to his stomach suggesting his organs had been taken.

The article sparked outrage among Israeli officials who termed it as "groundless," "outrageous" and "anti-Semitic."

Palestinian lawmaker Najat Abu Baker, who visited Ghanem’s house on Wednesday, said the family will do whatever that is needed for the investigation, including "reopening the grave and taking samples in order to prove the truth."

"The Israeli army is stealing the bodies of Palestinians killed by its soldiers, and then after one day or two, they bring the bodies back to their families without organs," said Abu Baker.

"What Israel is doing is against humanity," she said. 

(Press TV)

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