Fatah Leadership Rejects PA Sanctions on Gaza

PLO Central Council meeting in Ramallah. (Photo: Osama Falah, Wafa)

A member of the Fatah movement said the movement strongly rejects Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ steps to impose new punitive measures against the Gaza Strip.

However, the source who asked not to be named said the Palestinian Authority does not seem to have any intention to impose more sanctions on its Gazan employees, many of whom have been forced into retirement.

He said:

“There are institutions that serve the people, and the Palestinian state is not limited to the occupied West Bank.”

The source pointed out that many Fatah members are pushing towards preventing the imposition of new measures against Gaza especially forcing more employees to retire in the ministries of health and education.

Fatah Revolutionary Council and Central Committee members, as well as members of the PLO central and national councils, demand the immediate lifting of sanctions imposed on Gaza.

With regards to local reports claiming that more than 70 percent of the Palestinian Authority’s employees in Gaza will be forced to retire in early 2019, the head of the PA’s staff union, Aref Abu Jarad said no statement has been issued from any official source with regards this.

According to Abu Jarad, as many as 25,000 Gaza employees have been forced to retire, leaving only 12,000 civil servants in Gaza.

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  1. Some folks at Fatah have realized that Elections are the eventuality
    1 Pursue to separate Fatah from Mahmoud Abbas
    1.1 Fatah viability is dependent at Representation at Legislature
    1.2 PLO leadership shall eventually reach same conclusion or PLO shall begin to evaporate into ether when it fails to hold Elections “within six months
    2 Elections:
    2.1 PA Elections
    2.2 Elections or PA enactment of legislation for Delegates to Constitutional Assembly to incorporate a Constitution that has only one purpose to supersede PA & supersede PLO
    2.3 LOAC Palestinian Resistance holding Elections for a provisional government
    3 Sovereign powers are exercised through enactment of legislation for political administration of sovereignty
    3,1 Mahmoud Abbas pretense & delusion at government does not have capability nor legitimacy for governance without a Legislature
    4 All governance, e.g., political administration, issues shall be resolved at Parliament
    4.1 All appropriations funding, e.g. PA Treasury purse strings, are the domain of Legislature

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