GAZA LIVE BLOG – Israel Pulls out Five Brigades | Qassam Bombs Tel Aviv | Israeli Political Crisis Deepens | Fierce Clashes | Gerald Ford Leaves – DAY 86

Israeli bombardment continues in all areas of the besieged Gaza Strip. (Photo: via Eye on Palestine)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Despite sending thousands of yet more soldiers to assist in the failed attempt at besieging Khan Younis, the Palestinian Resistance there remains strong. 

Meanwhile, battles in Bureij continue, as well as Israeli bombardment of central Gaza, especially Maghazi and Nuseirat.

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, 21,672 Palestinians have been killed, and 56,165 wounded in Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza starting on October 7.

Palestinian and international estimates say that the majority of those killed and wounded are women and children.

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Monday, January 1, 08:00 am

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Israeli army boats shelled the beach of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

Monday, January 1, 05:10 am

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli raids on different areas in the city of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

‘O Lord, Let Me Die First’ – Who is Haneen Qashtan, Palestinian Journalist Killed by Israel in Gaza

Monday, January 1, 01:40 am

CHANNEL 12: Israel wants to appoint former British PM Tony Blair as a mediator with Western countries to persuade the latter to receive Palestinian refugees from the Gaza Strip after the end of the aggression on Gaza.

‘Countdown2Ceasefire’ Call Rings in New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Monday, January 1, 00:50 am

YEDIOTH AHRONOTH: Israel greets the new year with a large volley of missiles from Gaza.

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We bombed the larger Tel Aviv area with a large number of M90 rockets in response to Zionist massacres of Palestinian civilians.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: A large rally in the West Bank city of Ramallah in solidarity with the Gaza Strip. The main chant of the Palestinian crowds was “The people wants Al-Qassam Brigades”.

AL-JAZEERA: Fierce clashes between Palestinian Resistance and invading Israeli forces in the center of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Sunday, December 31, 10:55 pm

AL-JAZEERA: Fierce clashes are now taking place between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupation army in the center of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, in conjunction with air and artillery bombardment.

ISRAELI CHANNEL 12: Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy avoids attending Israeli government meetings because he knows that there is a trap waiting for him.

ABC: The aircraft carrier Gerald Ford will leave the Middle East in the coming days, along with all its accompanying attack ships.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Israeli occupation forces launched air strikes and violent artillery shelling on the eastern areas of the Bureij and Al-Maghazi camps in the central Gaza Strip.

HAMAS: Smotrich’s call to displace two million Palestinians in Gaza is a war crime.

Sunday, December 31, 9:45 pm

ISLAMIC RESISTANCE IN IRAQ: We targeted the occupied Golan with a drone.

KAN: The evacuation of the northern settlements will continue for another three months.

AL-JAZEERA: An Israeli air strike targeted a house in Deir al-Balah camp (central Gaza Strip), leaving three killed and a number of injured.

AL-JAZEERA: Sirens sounded in the southern occupied Syrian Golan.

Sunday, December 31, 8:35 pm

ISRAELI ARMY RADIO: The Israeli army has decided to demobilize (pull out) five combat brigades operating in the Gaza Strip. They include the 551st and the 114th reserve brigades as well as three training brigades.

Sunday, December 31, 7:15 pm

GAZA GOVERNMENT MEDIA OFFICE: WE recorded 1,825 Israeli massacres and 28,822 martyrs and missing persons, including 9,100 children, during 86 days of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: We bombed Israeli military concentrations and a command and control headquarters in the southeast of the Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City.

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We destroyed a gathering of Israeli occupation vehicles and soldiers east of the town of Khuza’a in the southern Gaza Strip with mortar shells.

IRANIAN FM: We will respond strongly and firmly to any aggression from the Israeli entity.

Sunday, December 31, 6:30 pm

ANSARALLAH: The military spokesman for the Ansarallah in Yemen, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said that American forces attacked three boats and ten of their members were killed, adding that the US will bear the consequences of targeting their boats.

THE TIMES: Britain is preparing to launch attacks with partners against the Houthis.

AL-JAZEERA: An Israeli drone bombed a house on the outskirts of the town of Bint Jbeil in southern Lebanon.

KIRBY: We do not seek conflict with the Houthis.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: Our fighters were able to blow up the opening of a tunnel with Israeli soldiers in the Shejaiya neighborhood, resulting in one dead and one wounded.

AL-JAZEERA: An Israeli drone bombed the vicinity of the town of Maroun al-Ras in southern Lebanon.

Sunday, December 31, 5:00 pm

PALESTINIAN BUREAU OF STATISTICS: The number of Palestinians killed this year is the largest in Palestine since the Nakba of 1948.

AL-JAZEERA: 35 Palestinians were killed in continuous Israeli raids on Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip since dawn on Sunday.

ISLAMIC RESISTANCE IN IRAQ: We targeted the Harir base, which houses American forces, in Erbil with a drone.

HAARETZ: 13 Israeli soldiers were injured during the past 24 hours.

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE: Ten members of Ansarallah were killed in an American bombing of boats that attacked a ship in the Red Sea.

Sunday, December 31, 3:55 pm

HEZBOLLAH: Two missiles were launched from southern Lebanon.

AL-JAZEERA: Intense Israeli artillery shelling was reported on the Nuseirat and Bureij camps in the central Gaza Strip.

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We targeted a Zionist bulldozer north of Khan Yunis.


One Palestinian woman was killed and others were wounded in an Israeli artillery bombardment that targeted a school housing displaced people in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

26 Palestinians, including 7 children, were killed in the ongoing Israeli raids on Khan Yunis since dawn today.

Two girls were killed in an Israeli bombing in the vicinity of the European Hospital, southeast of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip.

Ten Palestinians, including five children, were martyred in Israeli raids on homes in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

BEZALEL SMOTRICH: We must encourage Gazans to immigrate.

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: Our fighters targeted Israeli special forces east of the Al-Tuffah neighborhood with explosive devices and shells and clashed with them with machine guns.

Sunday, December 31, 2:30 pm

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We targeted an Israeli Apache plane with a SAM-7 missile.

ISRAELI ARMY: The Air Force attacked Hezbollah infrastructure and military sites in the village of Ramieh, south of Lebanon.

OMAN’S FM: Israel must not be allowed to escape punishment.

HEZBOLLAH: Israel will not be able to return the settlers to the north, “while we are in the heart of the battle,” stressing that Tel Aviv must stop the war on Gaza in order for the war in Lebanon to stop.

SYRIAN MEDIA: Explosions were heard in the vicinity of an American base at Kharab al-Jir airport in the Hasakah countryside.

NETANYAHU: Restoring the population of the north requires continuing the fighting.

Sunday, December 31, 1:30 pm

AL-JAZEERA: Al Jazeera’s correspondent said that Israeli artillery shelling targeted various locations in the Shejaiya neighborhood and the eastern outskirts of Gaza City.

HEZBOLLAH: We targeted the Hanita site with appropriate weapons.

ISRAELI ARMY: The Paratroopers Brigade moved from the northern Gaza Strip and joined forces in the Khan Yunis area and its environs.

WALLA: Senior reserve officers called on the Chief of Staff to begin an investigation into the events of last October 7 immediately.

CHANNEL 12: Settlement Ministry asked the Knesset to approve funding of 200 million shekels.


48 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli bombing of the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City.

20 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli bombing of Al-Aqsa University in Gaza.

Sunday, December 31, 12:30 pm

AL-JAZEERA: Ambulance crews recovered the bodies of 8 Palestinians from various areas in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

PRISONERS’S AFFAIRS COMMISSION: A large number of prisoners in Ofer Prison were poisoned due to spoiled meals.

ISRAELI ARMY: An officer and a soldier were killed in battles in the northern and central Gaza Strip.

GAZA HEALTH MINISTRY: 21,822 Palestinians have been killed, and 56,451 wounded in Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza starting on October 7. The occupation committed 12 massacres against Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip, killing 150 martyrs during the last 24 hours.

ISRAELI MEDIA: Israeli government postponed local elections until February 27.

REUTERS: Maersk suspended sailing operations through the Red Sea for 48 hours after one of its ships was involved in an accident while passing through the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

US CENTRAL COMMAND: We sank 3 Houthi boats and killed their crews.

ISRAELI MEDIA: The Israeli government agrees to alternate between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Energy.

Sunday, December 31, 11:00 am

AL-JAZEERA: The former preacher of Al-Aqsa, Sheikh Yusuf Salama, was killed in the bombing of central Gaza.

WASHINGTON POST: Israel’s economy has suffered a severe blow. The war on Gaza cost the Israeli government $18 billion, or an estimated $220 million per day.

AL-JAZEERA: Continuous artillery shelling on areas north of Gaza.

ISLAMIC JIHAD: “There will be no exchange deals between us and the enemy unless the aggression stops and its forces withdraw completely from the Gaza Strip.”

Sunday, December 31, 10:00 am

ISRAELI FM: The government bears responsibility for the October 7 attack.

CHRIS HOLLEN (to Washington Post): President Joe Biden’s administration bypassing Congress in order to sell weapons to Israel undermines transparency.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli warplanes launched a series of raids on the Maghazi camp in central Gaza. A paramedic from the Civil Defense Service was injured along with his colleague in an Israeli bombing on the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip.

HEAD OF GOLAN REGIONAL COUNCIL (to Yedioth Ahronoth): We are concerned about the escalation of fighting on our northern border.

UKMTO: There were reports of an attack 60 nautical miles northwest of the Yemeni port of Hodeidah.

Sunday, December 31, 09:00 am

HEAD OF KNESSET AUDIT COMMITTEE: “They entrusted the country’s security to a failed minister” in reference to Israel’s Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir.

AL-JAZEERA: 64 Palestinians were killed and 186 wounded in the Israeli bombing of homes in the central region of the Gaza Strip during the last 24 hours.

AP (quoting US official): There is no indication that the Houthis will stop their attacks in the Red Sea.

AL-JAZEERA: A Palestinian was killed by gunfire fired by Israeli gunboats on the shore of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

MAARIV: Dozens of Israeli soldiers were suspected of being infected with the parasitic Leishmania in the Gaza Strip.

BARZILAI HOSPITAL: We have treated more than 3,500 wounded since October 7, a number we have never seen before.

ISLAMIC RESISTANCE IN IRAQ: We targeted the American Rmelan base in Syria with drones.

Sunday, December 31, 08:00 am

AL-JAZEERA: Ten people were injured in an Israeli artillery shelling that targeted a school housing displaced people in the Khan Yunis camp in the southern Gaza Strip.

OIC: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation called for a quick response to South Africa’s lawsuit at the International Court of Justice.

Sunday, December 31, 06:50 am

US CENTRAL COMMAND: US Military shot down two ballistic missiles that were fired at a container ship in the southern Red Sea from Yemen.


Several people killed, and others wounded as a result of Israeli warplanes bombing a house in Al-Maghazi camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Israeli warplanes destroyed two mosques in Deir al-Balah and the Maghazi camp in the central Gaza Strip.

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