GAZA LIVE BLOG: Tough Palestinian Resistance Prevents Israel from Expanding Ground Operation | Israeli Massacres Continue – DAY 31

Israel continues to carry out massacres in the besieged Gaza Strip. (Photo: via Social Media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Though Israel has been pushing more military vehicles into Gaza, it has failed to establish defensible military positions as Palestinian resistors continue to show extraordinary resilience on the ground.

Meanwhile, Israeli attacks targeting civilian infrastructure and homes carried on unabated, killing and wounding thousands.

Israel has, thus far, killed over 10,022 Palestinians in Gaza, including 4,800 children and 2,550, and wounded more than 25,000. Palestinian Ministry of Health’s reports and international organizations say that the majority of those killed and wounded are women and children.

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Tuesday, November 7, 08:30 am (GMT+3)

MINISTRY OF HEALTH (WEST BANK): Number of Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank since October 7 rises to 163.


Intense bombardment on various parts of the Gaza Strip at the moment.

Palestinian journalist, Yahya Abu Mni’ killed in Israeli bombardment.

Israeli drone shells the town of Mhibib in South Lebanon.

Intense clashes between invading Israeli forces and Palestinian Resistance fighters in Jenin.

Four Palestinian fighters killed in Tulkarm; clashes with Israeli occupation army continue.

Number of Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes at southern Rafah rises to 14.

Casualties in Israeli strike at a house in the Qararah area in Khan Younis.

Tuesday, November 7, 04:00 am (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Two Palestinians killed, and others were wounded in Israeli airstrikes targeting the vicinity of Kamal Adwan Hospital and Al-Quds Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Israeli occupation forces targeted a site inside Tulkarm refugee camp with a drone.

ABC: Western diplomats told ABC that the crisis in Gaza has left the United States and Western countries isolated in a manner similar to the Iraq war. The diplomats said the crisis in Gaza had damaged alliances and fueled potential extremism in Western countries.

REUTERS: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel was open to small pauses in the Gaza fighting.

This is the New TBG Missile Just Introduced by Al-Qassam Brigades – VIDEO

Tuesday, November 7, 02:05 am (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: An Israeli airstrike destroyed a mosque west of the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. Earlier, an Israeli airstrike destroyed a mosque in the Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

GAZA GOVERNMENT MEDIA OFFICE: The government media office in Gaza announced that 16 hospitals and 34 health centers have been out of operation in the Gaza Strip since the start of the Israeli aggression.

UNITED NATIONS: China calls on UN Security Council for urgent humanitarian ceasefire. The Chinese representative to the Security Council said that his country calls for humanitarian ceasefire because it is urgently needed: We urge all parties to take steps to cease hostilities to ensure the protection of civilians.

MADS GILBERT: The head of the Norwegian medical team in the Gaza Strip, Mads Gilbert, told Al-Jazeera:

The Palestinian health system collapsed because of the Israeli army.

Children in Gaza are being burned by Israeli shelling.

The Israeli military killed more than 4,000 Palestinian children in Gaza.

The Israeli army bombed three hospitals in Gaza within 24 hours.

The Israeli army commits its atrocities with the support of Western countries.

Israelis kill Palestinians with impunity.

Israel’s political and military leadership do not respect the value of life.

UNITED NATIONS: France calls on the United Nations Security Council to demand an immediate humanitarian truce leading to a ceasefire in Gaza.

Tuesday, November 7, 12:14 am (GMT+3)

UNITED NATIONS: The siege of Gaza and cutting off supplies to civilians amounts to collective punishment.

AL-JAZEERA: Renewed Israeli raids in the vicinity of Al-Quds Hospital in the Tal Al-Hawa area in Gaza.

ISRAELI FM: We regret the inflammatory statements of the Jordanian leadership.

PALESTINIAN RED CRESCENT: We appeal to organizations to quickly provide essential supplies.

Monday, November 6, 11:00  pm (GMT+3)

IRANIAN FOREIGN MINISTER: Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said the White House would prefer to remain a “partner of the collapsing Israeli regime at the expense of world public opinion.”

BELGIUM: Belgian Minister of International Cooperation, Caroline Gennez, has said that Israel must be investigated and all evidence points to the Israeli military committing war crimes in Gaza. She also said that Israel is retaliating against innocent civilians and that this is a violation of the laws of war. Moreover, she added: that we need to study measures against Israel that include banning Israeli products and bans on VIP entry to Israeli officials.

WALL STREET JOURNAL (Citing US Officials): The Biden administration plans to transfer precision-guided bombs to Israel worth $320 million.

GAZA GOVERNMENT MEDIA OFFICE: 42% of the total number of Palestinian casualties were killed in the southern regions in Gaza, which were declared ‘safe’ by Israel.

Monday, November 6, 10:00  pm (GMT+3)

These are the latest developments in Gaza, as reported by Palestine Chronicle correspondents on the ground.

– Israel bombed the main water well in the Tal A-Za’atar area, located north of Gaza. Though the water of the well is unfiltered, thousands of Gazans have been relying on it as the only source of water in the Strip. 

– 8 Palestinians killed in two separate Israeli bombings at Gaza hospitals: 4 in the Ophthalmology hospital and 4 in the Rantisi Children Hospital. 

– Many killed and wounded following Israeli shelling of residential neighborhoods in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip. 

– Latest Israeli attacks and massacres in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp, in the central Gaza Strip, have resulted in the destruction of water supplies to the besieged population there. 

Monday, November 6, 9:00  pm (GMT+3)

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: Al-Qassam Brigades say that they have destroyed 4 Israeli tanks since Monday morning in northern Gaza.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: We destroyed one tank in northern Gaza.

HAARETZ: German journalists were detained by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank. The ARD network reporters said that the soldiers ‘Held us at gunpoint and asked if we were Jewish’. 

JERUSALEM POST: The Israeli army alleges that the “commander of Hamas’s Deir al-Balah Battalion of the Central Camps Brigade, Wael Asefa, was killed overnight on Sunday by an Israeli airstrike.” 


–  The Israeli air force is capable of bombing any region of the Middle East.

–  Hamas is using Al-Shifa Hospital for ‘terrorism’.

– We continue to uncover tunnel openings.

– The elimination of Hamas’ field commanders leads to a separation between the field and the movement’s leaders.

KAN (Israeli Broadcasting Corporation): US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke of a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

MINISTRY OF HEALTH IN GAZA: 19 massacres were carried out against Palestinian families in Gaza in recent hours, resulting in the killing of over 300 Palestinians. The death toll in Gaza has already exceeded 10,000, with thousands more still buried under the rubble.  

Monday, November 6, 8:00  pm (GMT+3)

GAZA GOVERNMENT MEDIA OFFICE: The government media office in Gaza warned countries that are sending mercenaries to fight alongside the Israeli occupation army responsible for crimes against civilians.

ISRAELI MEDIA: Yoav Gallant approved additional plans for the ground operation in Gaza.

WSJ (QUOTING ISRAELI OFFICIALS): The Israeli army is concerned that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will face American pressure to reduce the fighting before achieving the goals.

AL-JAZEERA: Sirens sound in Israeli areas bordering Lebanon.

UN SECRETARY-GENERAL ANTONIO GUTERRES: I am deeply concerned about violations of international law.

AL-JAZEERA: Violent Israeli raids are renewed on several areas in Gaza City.

PALESTINIAN HEALTH MINISTRY: 6 Palestinians were killed in the occupied West Bank today.

FOX NEWS (Citing Pentagon Official): 38 Attacks targeted US forces stationed in the Middle East since October 17.

Monday, November 6, 6:45  pm (GMT+3)

GAZA GOVERNMENT MEDIA OFFICE: Israel bombed the Strip with more than 30 thousand tons of explosives.

ABU OBEIDA: We destroyed 27 military vehicles within 48 hours.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: We targeted a gathering of enemy vehicles and soldiers west of the Erez site with mortar shells.

IRANIAN PRESIDENT: The continuation of massacres in Gaza has consequences that extend beyond the region

CHINESE ENVOY TO UNSC: The situation in Gaza is very dangerous and we do not want an extension of the conflict.

AL-JAZEERA: The families of the Israelis currently held by Hamas in Gaza set up tents opposite the Knesset building in Tel Aviv, and decided to demonstrate to demand the liberation of their families every Saturday.

Monday, November 6, 6:00  pm (GMT+3)

SCOTLAND PM: Describing the pro-Palestine marches as hate marches is unacceptable

NETANYAHU: Addressing Western diplomats during a meeting in Tel Aviv, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “We have no alternative but victory, and our war is your war.

ISRAEL’S CHANNEL 14: Two drones were intercepted that violated Israeli airspace in the Upper Galilee, near the border with Lebanon.

HEZBOLLAH: Hezbollah: We targeted and destroyed the technical equipment at the Raheb site.

GAZA LIVE BLOG: Tough Palestinian Resistance Prevents Israel from Expanding Ground Operation | Israeli Massacres Continue – DAY 31

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We attacked the occupation forces northwest of Gaza and destroyed 6 tanks

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES – LEBANON: We bombed Nahariya and south of Haifa with 16 missiles.

PALESTINIAN RED CRESCENT: Al-Quds Hospital was completely closed due to the blockage of roads leading to it.

PALESTINIAN RED CRESCENT: 12 ambulances and relief vehicles were destroyed as a result of the occupation raids.


14 shells were fired towards the border towns with Lebanon.

Lebanese Hezbollah members targeted the Israeli Al-Malikiyah site off the central sector of southern Lebanon.

Monday, November 6, 4:45  pm (GMT+3)

WAFA: Israeli occupation forces kill three Palestinians in Tulkarm.

GAZA HEALTH MINISTRY: The Israeli army recently committed a new massacre in the Al-Maghazi neighborhood in the central Gaza Strip.

GAZA DIRECTOR GENERAL OF HOSPITALS: The situation in the Strip is tragic and completely unprecedented.

ISRAELI POLICE: An Israeli soldier died because of the wounds she sustained in occupied East Jerusalem.

HAMAS TOP OFFICIAL OSAMA HAMDAN: The occupation army suffers military failure in the field and spreads lies.

AL-QASSAM: We destroyed a Zionist tank penetrating the Al-Isra neighborhood, northwest of Gaza.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli occupation aircraft recently fired a missile at the roof of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

Monday, November 6, 3:30  pm (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Violent Israeli bombing was renewed a short while ago on various areas in Gaza City, noting that the bombing targeted civilian homes.

UNRWA: About 50 schools and agency facilities housing 700,000 displaced people were bombed.

GAZA HEALTH MINISTRY: Israel has, thus far, killed over 10,022 Palestinians in Gaza, including 4,800 children and 2,550, and wounded more than 25,000.

IRANIAN FM: Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said that Washington informed Tehran 3 days ago that it seeks a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, but in practice it supports genocide.

JORDANIAN PM: Jordanian Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh said that any attempts to displace Palestinians from Gaza or the West Bank are a red line and Jordan will consider them a declaration of war.

Monday, November 6, 2:30  pm (GMT+3)

REUTERS (CITING SOURCE IN TURKISH FM): Turkish Minister Hakan Fidan informed his American counterpart, Antony Blinken, of the need for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

HAARETZ (CITING US SOURCES): There is concern in the White House and among officials in the Biden administration about Israel’s lack of an exit strategy from Gaza.

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We destroyed a Zionist tank penetrating the Sultan area, northwest of Beit Lahia, with a Yassin shell 105.

US SECRETARY OF STATE ANTONY BLINKEN: We discussed in Ankara the crisis in Gaza, the delivery of aid, and preventing the expansion of the conflict.

AL-JAZEERA: Several Palestinians were killed and wounded as a result of an Israeli bombing that targeted a house in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, east of Gaza City.

Monday, November 6, 1 pm (GMT+3)

FINANCIAL TIMES: Hundreds of companies are threatened with bankruptcy and the government has not provided the support it promised.

AL-JAZEERA: Several Palestinians were killed and wounded as a result of the occupation aircraft bombing a house in the Al Amal neighborhood in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

NYT POLL: US President Donald Trump is ahead of current President Joe Biden in 5 swing states, including Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan. Biden’s multi-ethnic electoral base is divided and angry, especially in Arab and Muslim areas.

ISRAELI MEDIA: Far-right Israeli Minister Smotrich requested the establishment of buffer zones around West Bank settlements and preventing Palestinians from approaching them.

NYT (CITING US OFFICIALS): The New York Times quoted American legislators and officials concerned that weapons requested by Israel from Washington would reach the hands of settlers in the West Bank.

AL-JAZEERA: The municipality of Kiryat Shmona in Upper Galilee asked the remaining residents to leave immediately.

GAZA MINISTRY OF HEALTH: An Israeli bombing targeted the only psychiatric hospital in the Strip and the eye hospital.

AL-JAZEERA (CITING MEDICAL SOURCES): 8 displaced Palestinians were killed in the bombing at dawn today on the Al-Nasr Children’s and Al-Rantisi hospitals in Gaza City.

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We bombed the crowds of enemy forces penetrating northwest of Beit Lahia with mortar shells.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli aircraft bombed a residential building in the Al-Nasr neighborhood in Gaza City.

Monday, November 6, 12 pm (GMT+3)

UNICEF REGIONAL SPOKESMAN: More than 4 thousand children have been killed in the Gaza Strip so far.

GAZA GOVERNMENT MEDIA OFFICE: Last night, the Israeli bombing targeted all hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

AL-JAZEERA: Palestinian journalist Muhammad Al-Jaja and a number of his family members were killed in an Israeli bombing that targeted his house in the Al-Nasr neighborhood in Gaza.

ISRAELI ARMY RADIO: The Israeli army radio confirmed that one Iron Dome interceptor missile malfunctioned and landed in the city of Rishon LeZion last night.

EU FOREIGN POLICY CHIEF: Normalization between Israel and Arab countries did not bring peace.

Monday, November 6, 11:15 am (GMT+3)

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We destroyed a Zionist tank penetrating south of Tal al-Hawa with a Yassin shell 105.

IRAQI PM: The decision to drag the region into a comprehensive war is in the hands of the party aggressing against Gaza.

DIRECTOR OF HOSPITALS IN GAZA: For 4 days, no safe passage has been opened to transport the wounded to the Rafah crossing.

GAZA GOVERNMENT MEDIA OFFICE: Reports of hundreds of bodies in the streets of Gaza City.

PPC: Israel arrested at least 70 Palestinians on Sunday/Monday night in the occupied West Bank, bringing the number of detainees to 2,150 since October 7.

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We destroyed 4 Israeli vehicles on the outskirts of Al-Shati Camp and the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood with Al-Yassin 105 shells since dawn today.

AL-JAZEERA: One Palestinian was killed and a number wounded in an Israeli artillery shelling that targeted a center for the displaced in Beit Lahia, northern Gaza Strip.

Monday, November 6, 10:00 am (GMT+3)

CHINESE FM: We will work to restore peace in the Palestinian territories.

AL-JAZEERA: Partial return of the communications network and the Internet in some areas of Gaza.

IRANIAN FM: The Security Council and the Atomic Energy Agency must immediately disarm Israel’s nuclear weapons.

IRAQI PM: Iraqi Prime Minister: The crisis in the region was not the result of October 7, but rather the result of criminal policies against the Palestinian people.

IRANIAN PRESIDENT EBRAHIM RAISI: Washington’s talk about seeking a ceasefire is a false claim.

ISRAELI ARMY: The Israeli army announced on Monday the arrest of Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi (22 years old) during a raid in the occupied West Bank.

ISRAELI ARMY SPOKESMAN: We coordinated with Jordan to drop medical aid into Gaza.

PALESTINIAN HEALTH MINISTRY: A young man was killed and 3 wounded by Israeli army gunfire in Halhul

Monday, November 6, 09:00 am (GMT+3)

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: Our fighters bombed crowds of occupation forces penetrating east of Juhr al-Dik in the Gaza Strip with mortar shells.

AL-JAZEERA: A young Palestinian man was killed by Israeli army gunfire in Jerusalem.

ISRAELI ARMY: Residents of the Upper Galilee and the Hula Plain must remain in their homes and shelters.

ISRAELI ARMY: Our forces bombed 450 targets in Gaza last night.

AL-JAZEERA: 45 Palestinians were killed and a number went wounded as a result of an Israeli bombing that targeted two homes in Deir al-Balah and al-Zawaida in the central Gaza Strip.

Monday, November 6, 08:00 am (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Sirens are sounding in the Gaza Strip.

PALESTINIAN PRISONERS’ CLUB: Israeli occupation forces arrested about 50 Palestinians in the West Bank during the night.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli artillery shelling on areas east of Bureij camp.

Monday, November 6, 07:00 am (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: UN agency officials demand a ceasefire in Gaza.

ISRAELI ARMY: A soldier from the armored battalion was killed during the ongoing clashes in the northern Gaza Strip.

US VICE PRESIDENT’S OFFICE: Kamala Harris will discuss with a number of foreign leaders during a phone call on Monday the efforts made by the US administration to increase the flow of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Monday, November 6, 05:00 am (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: 15 Palestinians were killed as a result of an Israeli bombing of a house in the Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood, west of the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli aircraft bombed residential squares in the Beach camp, west of the Gaza Strip.

Monday, November 6, 04:00 am (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli occupation forces stormed the Shuafat camp in occupied Jerusalem and launched a campaign of raids and arrests.

AL-JAZEERA: 10 Palestinians were killed in Israeli bombing of the Zawaida area in the central Gaza Strip.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli army storm eastern area of Nablus.

PENTAGON: The US Secretary of Defense, in a call with his Israeli counterpart, the importance of protecting civilians in Gaza and delivering aid.

JORDAN’S KING: Our Air Force dropped medical aid to the field hospital in Gaza.

ISRAELI CHANNEL 7: 12 missiles fell on Kyriat Shmona on Sunday, causing a partial blackout of electricity.

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